Scales from 200 lb to 900 lb. capacity

This page consists of an assortment of our scales in capacities from 200 to 900 pounds. Our scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weight management.

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  • Intercomp CW250 Portable Floor Scale 2000 lb.
    Intercomp CW250 Portable 15x15 Scale 500 lb.Intercomp CW250 500 lb. scale with 15"x15" platform is ideal for weighing tanks, drums, boxes, cylinders, and miscellaneous items. Scale is battery operated (charger adapter and cable provided) This rugged self-contained unit is NTEP Class III approved. (95-024) Normal lead time for this item is 2 weeks before shipment.
  • Karting Scale System on tight budget FREE SHIPPING
    Karting Scale Set 600 lb.Digital scale system ideal for weighing racing go karts on a budget! Includes (4) 12"x12" weigh platforms. Each platform features a Remote Display indicator on a flexible 6 foot cord. Battery or AC operation. Portable -- Each scale platform weighs only 12 lbs. Please note these systems are indivdual standalone scales. They do not interconnect, give percentages etc... KS150: TOTAL CAPACITY: 600 lbs. Freight Included (cont'l US)
  • Kilotech KHS-C Industrial Hanging Dial Scale 540 lb.Rugged, heavy duty construction mechanical 500 pound dial scale. Kilotech's KHS C3 series is a high quality industrial scale. Its sturdy, cast aluminium scratch resistant body and shatter resistant face cover makes it ideal for tough jobs of all kinds. The heavy duty welded steel mounting shackle ring and pointed large "J" hook make this scale ideal for butchers and hunters. The single sided 7.5" dual kg and lb dial is easy to read.
  • tree-lbs-500-cheap-bench-scale
    LBS 18x24 Large Bench Scale 500 lbsExcellent low cost choice for various applications including: shipping, basic weighing, or industrial. Scale system features LCD display, large 18"x24" scale platform with stainless steel platter. Capacity: 500 x 0.1 lbs. Price includes ground shipping for cont'l US.
  • LSS Shipping Scale 400 x 0.1 lbsThe LSS-400 is a versatile digital scale, capable of weighing everything from small animals to packages for shipping. Its 14"x16" weigh platter is great for weighing all kinds of items and the bright backlit digital indicator is easy to read. Capacity: 400 x 0.1 lb. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • tree-lvs-700-vet-scale-for-dogs
    LVS-700 Digital Veterinary ScaleWeighing small to large animals just got easier by adding the LVS-700 digital vet scale to your office or kennel. It's 38"x20" stainless steel platform is large enough for some Llamas and Alpacas yet accurate enough for smaller breeds of dogs. Capacity: 700 x 0.2 lb / 320 x 0.1 kg. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • LWC-800 Large Wheelchair Scale 800 lb x 0.2 lb
    LWC-800 Portable WheelChair ScaleAffordable and simple way to weigh patients confined to wheel chairs with the LWC-800 portable digital wheelchair scale. The base construction is aluminum with stainless steel sides and comes calibrated with electronic indicator. Platform Dimensions 38" x 39" x 1" Capacity: 800 x 0.2 lb Ground Shipping included for cont'l US, item normally ships on a pallet via LTL freight
  • Mettler Toledo BCA-223-150U-1106-110 Shipping Scale replaces PS90 Scales
    Mettler Toledo BC-150 Shipping Scale 300 lb.Mettler Toledo BC-150U replaces the popular Mettler Toledo PS90 scale and are ideal for many weighing applications where only gross weight readings are required. The BCA-223-150U-1106-110 is great at receiving or shipping dock; stand-alone or computer-based; in manufacturing or retail. UPS Software Compatible. Stainless Steel 16.5" x 20.5" Platform, Capacity is 300 x 0.1 lbs. NTEP Approved
  • NCI 7680 Shipping Scale 9503-17178
    NCI 7824 Parcel Shipping Scale SS Platter 300 lb.The NCI 7824 Bench Scale with 300 pound capacity provides the most accurate and reliable weight measurement for static or inline shipping. The weighing solution for any application requiring a durable bench scale. 24"x24" stainless steel platter. Freight is included in price (cont'l US). This item ships via motor freight on a pallet to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift.
  • Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P60BL Economy Bench Scale
    Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P300BX Bench Scale 600 lb.Ohaus Defender 3000 D31P300BX 600 lb. capacity Bench Scales with 19.7" x 25.6" platform have been designed as reliable and affordable scales for use in production, packaging, and shipping and receiving areas. The Defender 3000 Series feature a simple, yet rugged, tubular-frame base design and indicators with tactile keys, backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.
  • Ohaus Defender 5000 Low Profile NTEP Scale 600 lb.Ohaus Defender 5000 Low Profile D51P300HX5 is both durable and economical. These portable, plug-and-play scales with 600 lb. capacity are ready to go to work for you right out of the box. NTEP legal for trade 17" x 22" platform
  • Ohaus Shipping Digital Scale SD200L Economical
    Ohaus SD200L Shipping Parcel Scales 20"x15"The Ohaus SD200L parcel scale with 440 pound maximum weighing capacity is designed specifically with affordability, utility and everyday usage in mind. Ideal for home office, mail room, shipping and receiving, and general commercial and industrial dry weighing applications, the SD200L features a durable 20.5" x 15.7" platform, a remote indicator with tactile function keys, battery operation and flexible mounting capability.
  • Pennsylvania 7500-200 Parts Count Scale
    Pennsylvania 7500-200 Heavy Duty Counting ScalePennsylvania 7500-200 counting scale with super large 200 pound max capacity features simple 4 button keypad ideal for quick training for your workforce performing annual inventory. This is great for counting larger items.
  • Pennsylvania 7600-200 Industrial Parts Counting Scale
    Pennsylvania 7600-200 Industrial Counting ScalePennsylvania 7600-200 digital parts counting scale features a large 200 pound max capacity. Ideal for counting fairly large items, shipping or receiving verifications, inventory or production control, powerful and flexible std. RS232 data link, heavy duty cast construction.
  • 1000 Pound Capacity Crane Scale Salter Brecknell CS1000
    Salter Brecknell CS2000 Crane ScaleSalter Brecknell crane scales are versatile, economic solutions for overhead material handling and weighing applications. Features include a rechargeable battery, lifting-duty hardware, bright LED display and sturdy construction. Capacity: 2000 pounds.
  • Salter Brecknell MS140-300 Portable Medical Scale Handrails
    Salter Brecknell MS140-300 Portable Medical ScaleMS140-300 Portable Digital Medical Scale with Hand Rails is a real time saving device for doctor's offices, long-term care facilities, and other medical institutions. Heavy-duty, yet lightweight & portable this scale is suitable for almost any application requiring accuracy and medium to heavy weight capacity. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD and operates on AC power or (4) AAA batteries. Capacity: 660 lb.
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