Zemic H8C-N5-2.5K-6YB Load Cell

Zemic H8C-N5-2.5K-6YB Load Cell

2.5K Alloy Shear Beam Imperial Load Cell
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Zemic H8C alloy steel shear beam load cell is a good choice for replacement load cell. Especially if you're having trouble locating your favorite load cell brand in stock. The Zemic is similar to Revere 5123, HBM B35, Tedea 3420/3421, Celtron SQB, Sensortronics 65023, Coti CG-23, Artech 30310, Rice Lake RL35023/39123, Totalcomp TSB, Transcell SBS. Zemic H8C spec sheet (pdf file)


PART # ..... CAPACITY (lbs)..... MODEL # 
813-100136       250        H8C-N5-250-6YB
813-100137       500        H8C-N5-500-6YB
813-100138       750        H8C-N5-750-6YB
813-100139        1K         H8C-N5-1.0K-6YB
813-100140     1.5K         H8C-N5-1.5K-6YB
813-100141        2K         H8C-N5-2.0K-6YB
813-100142     2.5K         H8C-N5-2.5K-6YB
813-100143        3K        H8C-N5-3.0K-6YB
813-100144        4K        H8C-N5-4.0K-6YB
813-100145     5KSE       H8C-N5-5KSE-6YB
813-100146      5KLE       H8C-N5-5.0K-6YB
813-100147      7.5K       H8C-N5-7.5K-6YB
813-100148       10K       H8C-N5-10K-6YB
813-100149       15K       H8C-N5-15K-6YB
813-100150       20K       H8C-N5-20K-6YB

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