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Best Home Scale for High School Wrestlers

A few times each year we are usually asked to recommend the best scale for high school wrestlers to use at home. Of course with high school and college wrestling, participants weight amounts are very important and quite often it can be very helpful to have an accurate and reliable scale to weigh at home.… Read More »

More Choices Than Ever for Scales

This entry will be relatively short but I wanted to take a few moments and thank you for being a loyal customer, and if you’re not, you are missing out! For those of you that are, we sincerely appreciate your business. Many of our customers become loyal customers over time and that is something that… Read More »

Scales for the Cannabis Industry

As more states legalize marijuana for medical use, each segment of the industry, from growers to dispensaries, contends with scrutiny to document every stage along the cannabis plant’s journey from seed to consumer. In this article, we take a look at some scales for the cannabis industry. A big part of that process is weighing… Read More »

What Industrial Crane Scale Do You Recommend?

Usually about once a month a customer will ask us, what industrial crane scale do you recommend? Now sometimes they will add the additional comment that usually goes something like…. under $500 or under $200. Honestly, when you start out looking for an industrial crane scale below $200, there isn’t much “industrial” about the choices… Read More »