Best Floor Scale for Weighing Pallets

By | July 26, 2017

At least a few times each month a customer will contact us and ask a question like what is the best floor scale for weighing pallets? We then provide an answer and some recommendations. Sometimes they refer to them as a skid. Often we need to ask the customer a few more additional questions to truly understand what they are trying to do.

For example, are you going to be weighing 3 pallets a week on the scale or are you going to be weighing 300 pallets on the scale per day?

The answer to this question will guide us towards what scale we recommend.

Sticking with the example above. If you’re only weighing a handful of wooden pallets every week or in other words the scale is not that big of a priority in your business; then we might recommend a low cost pallet scale that is designed to meet almost anyone’s budget and should provide years of service. Some brands you might consider for this group would be Prime Scales, Optima Scale Manufacturing, Saga, and others.

However, if you tell us that you’re going to be weighing hundreds of items on the scale each day, then we are likely to recommend a well built, tough floor scale. Some names that might be recommended in this group would be Rice Lake Weighing, B-Tek, Cardinal Scale Mfg, or Pennsylvania Scale Company. ¬†Understand something… this scale is going to cost quite a bit more than the first example.

There are reasons why such as:

  • Heavy Duty Deck Construction
  • Premium Name Brand Load Cells
  • Stainless Steel Weight Indicator
  • Longer Warranty
  • Better Brand Reputation

best floor scale for weighing pallets

So when you ask the question – what is the best floor scale for weighing pallets?

We can answer with a number of different choices. Perhaps a better scenario is, tell us more about what you’re looking to do and exactly what kind of volume you plan on doing. Then at that point we should be able to provide you with a proper recommendation for scales to weigh pallets.

One additional note that we should share regards U shape floor scales. U shape floor scales are really nice for weighing pallets when you’re using a pallet jack. However, they tend to work best with open bottom pallets. Keep that in mind when you’re considering that type of scale.

Another scale that customers often consider is a pallet jack scale or as it is sometimes referred to; pallet truck scale. These can be good choices for weighing pallets but be careful with this line of products. We are seeing more and more cheap imported pallet jack scales flooding the market. We are very careful when it comes to these types of scales. Normally we only recommend a handful of different brands. This is due to several factors; mostly brand reputation and dependability.

So to sum up this blog post, when you’re looking for a platform scale to weigh a pallet, be sure to consider the big picture.

The truth is, these days we can get you a floor scale at just about any price you want to pay…

However, the quality and durability probably will not live up to what you are expecting in the long term. Work with us and determine what kind of scale that you truly need for a long term solution. Join the thousands of other customers who have trusted us for their weighing needs since 2005.