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By | November 18, 2021

It’s hard to believe sometimes, but we have been offering customers high quality scales and weighing equipment for over fifteen years! We’re so proud of that and we’ve worked hard to improve every year. Thanks for choosing us for your weighing needs. In today’s article, I wanted to discuss a few of the scales that we offer and some of the key features and benefits that each of the product lineups possess.


Whether you refer to them as Brecknell or Salter Brecknell, they are a part of the Avery Weigh-Tronix scale factory. Typically, the Brecknell line of scales is a good blend of value and accuracy.  The product line includes everything from scientific scales,  the popular PC3060 farmers market scale, doctor scales, counting scales like the Brecknell B140, salter brecknell DCSB scrap scale and much more. Brecknell Scale is usually a good choice if you’re looking for a quality scale and not the cheapest choice you can find online.


One brand of scales that quite a few of our customers like is Triner Scale. Triner has been around for over one hundred years. The company works to provide accurate and reliable weighing equipment. They specialize in offering a high quality 10K capacity floor scale and easy to read digital weight indicators.


The medical scale offerings that we have certainly have evolved over the years. Many years ago, we only had a couple of choices to offer customers. Typically, those choices were seca, HealthOMeter, or Detecto.  Now, we have those along with Befour, Rice Lake, Doran, and a few more. Customers looking for a doctor scale have learned that it makes sense to browse our website before making a purchase. Currently, we offer everything from baby scales, handrail scales, wheelchair scales, mechanical beam scales and the standard doctor weight scale. For those that are curious, we do not have used medical scales for sale.


For many years we have provided customers with great choices and selection of retail scales. Years ago it was Torrey Scales that we featured. These days, we feature the CAS s2000jr mostly since it has been overall the best choice in our opinion when it comes to produce scales for farmers market use. Also, it’s worth mentioning, we do offer the hanging produce scale which is popular with some customers.

electronic produce scale


For you scientist or laboratory worker types out there, we haven’t forgotten you.  We’ve been asked for years what’s the best analytical balance? We try to answer that the best we can. If you prefer, see milligram balance as well. 


We do offer racing style scales. A lot of those competitors seem to be inclined to order from racing suppliers instead of a “scale supplier” which is understandable. We do have Longacre Kart Scales. We do not typically have used racing scales.  Another industry that’s kind of similar to racing…. sort of is tractor pull scales, which we do offer some products. We do have some wireless race car scales available as well. 


Animal weighing scales are a popular item these days. We have customers looking for veterinary scales for cats or small animal weighing scales like rabbits etc… Of course, we have vet scales for larger animals too.


Looking for scales by capacity. Admittedly, this is an area that we have underperformed in our website design. A lot of customers do look for their scales based off the capacity. So if you are looking for a 150 lb scale, 500lb scale or 1000 lb bathroom scale, or perhaps a 5000 lb floor scale, we have you covered… you just might have to search our site a little extra to find them.


Our food and restaurant scales are good choices if you are looking for reliable and accurate scales. It’s always amazing to look at how cheap some of the food prep scales are in various locations online. I think that a lot of folks have developed the attitude that it doesn’t really matter about the scale since one of my employees is going to destroy it within 6 months anyway!  So why spend any money?  I’ll just buy this cheap scale and replace it in a few months when it gets broken.  I can understand that way of thinking. 

However, I will say that in today’s modern world, if you were to buy a quality food prep scale, you could always put up a camera and that might solve the problem and allow you to stop buying new food prep scales every few months. Our pizza scales will help you build accurate and consistent pies that will keep customers coming back for more. The Yamato PB-200 is well known.  Our Easy Weigh Scales are popular with customers looking to charge by the pound.


We talk about pallet scales all the time, but the truth is that if you’re looking for a high quality floor scale, then you need to at least look at the Rice Lake floor scale. These are some of the best industrial floor scales available in our experience. One thing that you might want to consider when you purchase a floor scale is a floor anchor plate or floor scale bump guard. 

Finally, as you can see from reading all of this, we have a lot of weighing equipment to offer you. Best of all, you can benefit from all our many years of knowledge.  All you have to do is contact customer service and tell us what you’re looking to do, what equipment you’re considering, what’s your budget…. and then we can let you know what we would recommend. We have helped customers looking for a small parts counting scale to those looking to purchase rubber t trim to wrap around their truck scale pit to keep rocks out. 

Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you. Please contact us if you need product assistance or have questions about any of our weighing products.