Is this Electronic Produce Scale NTEP Certified Legal for Trade?

By | June 3, 2021

I write this today because we just had a nice person contact us wanting to check on her scale that she bought on Amazon. It was a low cost (under $100) “electronic produce scale” and it had great reviews and a SUPER Low Price!  It might have even had Free Shipping!  as well.  What a great deal!!!

However, the one thing it did not have was a CoC #.  In most states if you plan on selling your fruits and vegetables to your customers in a price per pound format, the scale that you use needs to have a Certificate of Conformance number.  The price computing scale that she purchased had no such number.  Most states require this CoC # in order to be legal for buying & selling based off weight.

produce scale

And truthfully even if your state doesn’t require a NTEP approved scale, it’s still a good idea to use one.  Believe me, in this business we see A LOT of scales that are made overseas and typically the ones that are not NTEP approved are noticeably less stable and consistent when compared to the actual NTEP scales that have a CoC #.  

So, today’s article is simple, don’t fall victim to this.  We’ve been operating this website since 2005 and we see this happen just about every year.  If you are looking to sell based off weight, in many states you need NTEP certified scales.  Even if your state doesn’t require NTEP, we still suggest you go the NTEP route. It’s good for you and your customer to see that NTEP logo and the Class III on your scale. If you need assistance choosing your produce scale, just contact our customer service department and they can assist you.