Mettler Toledo BC-60 vs Mettler Toledo PS-60

By | November 22, 2016

We titled this post, the Mettler Toledo BC-60 vs Mettler Toledo PS-60 since I’m sure that is what a lot of you are wondering. If you’re like many folks, then you probabaly already use a PS60 shipping scale and now you’re being told wait a minute we no longer have these but we do have the BC60. What should you do?

So, Mettler Toledo BC-60 vs Mettler Toledo PS-60 — Which scale is better and what are the key differences?

Well, not long ago, Mettler Toledo replaced the popular PS60 shipping scale with the BC60 version. In fact, we’ve written about it before.

Feedback we’ve received so far is that the new scale is working really well and customers are happy.

Let’s take a look below at a few of the key upgrades that make the new BC60 an improved version of the PS60 shipping scale.

The BC60 scale, like all METTLER TOLEDO products, is designed for maximum durability and reliability in even the most demanding shipping applications.

The BC parcel scale is manufactured in one of METTLER TOLEDO’s ISO 9000 certified facilities so you are assured to receive a high-quality product. The digital shipping scale is designed for robust use in parcel shipping, mail, and other light industrial environments. The BC 60 has a wide temperature and humidity range and can be used on most unheated shipping docks. The BC series scale is a low profile, high precision scale designed to meet the needs of the legal-for-trade parcel & manifest markets. The BC60 scale is capable of communicating through Toledo, SICS, and the protocols of the major shipping carriers. The scale configuration can be customized, or easily programmed through default communication settings. For pre-configured models, set up is simple and easy with plug and play capability.

mettler toledo bc60 replacement scale

The Mettler Toledo BC60 shipping scale include the latest technology, and provide a drop-in replacement for the legendary PS scale, offering the same ruggedness, reliability, and ease of operation. BC scales’ advanced electronics and graphical display allows greater flexibility and enhanced performance for mailing, shipping and warehouse applications. Designed to work flawlessly with UPS WorldShip®, FedEx Ship Manager®, DHL EasyShip® and other shipping and manifesting software, the BC scale is an ideal choice for parcel and shipping stores, post offices, carrier retail counters, corporate mail rooms and warehouse packing stations or shipping departments.

Each BC Scale features:
• Simple plug-and-play connectivity
• A large display that can be remotely mounted
• Legal-for-trade accuracy with Weights and Measures approval
• Applications to reduce cost and increase performance and flexibility

With a heavy duty metal frame and stainless steel platter, BC60 shipping scales provide years of trouble-free use. The BC scale is designed to handle overloads of 5 times their rated capacity, for superior resistance against rough handling of your heaviest packages. Advanced load cell technology and sophisticated electronics ensure Mettler Toledo BC-60 shipping scales provide the precision, accuracy and long-term stability required for commercial applications. During setup, the patented GeoCal feature compensates the sensitive factory calibration for local gravitational differences, providing best accuracy without the cost of re-calibrating the scale. These scales are simple to set up and easy to use.

No complicated programming is required to connect them to your shipping software.

The large graphical display with basic navigation keypad are simple and intuitive. Managers have access to password-protected controls for adjusting optimum operation and performance. A selection of roller top platters and ball top platters provide better work flow to ease stress and increase worker efficiency.

These scales are ideal for shipping workstations in warehouse use.

The BC60 operates on an input voltage of 5 VDC, at a current of 100-150 mA or less. The scale is powered through the USB port on the scale so the USB cable is always used for power. For USB operation, the scale communicates and is powered through the USB port of the PC. With the low power consumption, the BC scale is within the USB power requirements for connection to your PC without requesting additional power. Scale can also communicate and be powered through a USB hub. An external 5 VDC power supply is required for power to the BC scale for standalone applications, RS232 applications, Ethernet applications or BlueTooth applications. For these applications, the scale will be powered by the universal power adapter located in the scale’s shipping box. The wall mounted transformer is rated between 110-220V and 50-60 Hz. Connect the USB cable to the PC and then to the power supply. The power supply may have multiple plug adapters that can be clipped to the transformer based on the available country outlet.

One of the key differences between the PS60 and the BC60 is the weight display.

The PS60 display (0270 display) had small numbers and two buttons. The BC60 (0271 Graphical display) has four buttons. Four navigation keys allow the cursor to be moved UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT, to select softkeys and parameters on the graphical display. The position of the cursor is indicated by the soft key box (outline) being shown in bold. The central ENTER key allows selection of the soft key.

Overall we recommend the Mettler Toledo BC60 shipping scale.

We have used the PS60 ourselves for years and it just simply works. We’re confident that the BC60 will do the same thing. It is well designed and simple to use. We offer these scales with stainless steel platter, balltop platter and roller top platter.