Top Wheelchair Scale Choices and Deals

By | August 25, 2017

Years ago we did not have many choices to offer our customers when it came to choosing a wheelchair scale. The scales were pretty expensive and there was little difference in style. Basically each scale was a low profile platform scale with a ramp or two.

Things have changed over the past several years. Just as wheel chairs themselves have changed over years. Today, we have numerous types of wheelchair scales available from various scale manufacturers. If you have a particular need or feature that is important to you, then be sure to contact us for assistance. The standard scale is still available but we also now have less expensive imported scales as well.

The seca 674 generously-sized wheelchair / platform scale is truly multi-functional.

It weighs patients in care, especially heavy patients, persons in wheelchairs and seated patients with circulatory trouble, even during dialysis. The flexible cable remote display can be placed anywhere (e.g. on a desk or table) for convenient read-out and operation of the controls. Wall mount included. Transport castors and a handle make the seca 674 mobile. This is a great choice for hospitals and doctors office staff who understand and appreciate high quality medical scales and the benefits of using them.

If you’re looking for a portable wheelchair scale, we suggest taking a look at the HealthOMeter 2400KL.

This is a scale that can be carried just about anywhere that you need to weigh someone who is in a wheel chair. The capacity is 800 pounds.

best wheelchair scale to buy

Doran Medical DS9100

One scale to consider especially if you own a doctors office or medical clinic is the Doran DS9100 medical scale.

This scale can easily weigh patients who are in a wheelchair. The heavy-duty Model DS9100 Wheelchair Scale can serve as a wheelchair scale as well as a handrail scale or stand-on scale. Best of all the scale can be folded up and moved with very little effort.

If your budget will not allow you to purchase the Health O Meter or Doran products, don’t worry — we have the LWC lineup of wheelchair scales from Tree.

These scales are very affordable and feature very good accuracy. The LWC-800 features 800 pound capacity with extra large aluminum deck and stainless steel rail. This is a far better value and aluminum deck material cost is 10 times more than steel, it is also much lighter and more portable. Total weight is only about 85 lb. The weighing platform is less than 1 inch high, making it a breeze to wheel up on a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The LWC-HR has the same 800 lb. capacity as the popular Tree LWC 800 wheelchair scale, but offers handrails on both sides of the scale rather than just one side. This benefits those who may have to step onto the scale and the front railing helps keep the wheelchair from rolling forward off the scale. This would likely be a great scale for places like assisted living centers or nursing homes.

We hope this write up helps you to understand the differences between some of the scales that are available. If you need assistance please contact our customer service for doctor scale buying advice. We’ve been helping customers choose these scales for over a decade.