Who Sells the Best Hanging Scales at the Cheapest Prices?

By | September 1, 2021

That title is sure to get some attention from folks looking to buy cheap hanging scales that are the most popular as well.  The truth is that we do sell quite a few hanging scales and believe me, we know which ones to recommend and which ones to stay away from too! 

First, let’s discuss the term hanging scale.  The hanging scale definition is a little blurry since technically a hanging scale could be a mechanical dial scale or it could be a digital crane scale. A lot of people use the terms hanging scales and crane scales and dynamometers all interchangeably.  A precision digital hanging scale might be referred to as a crane scale by some.  

On our website, we generally refer to hanging scales as mechanical dial scales. A popular example might be the Chatillon Century series legal for trade hanging scales.  These are popular mechanical scales with sellers at farmers markets.  The scales are generally very reliable and can be used in many locations since there are no batteries to worry about and no AC Adapter to plug into a wall outlet.

The downside of a mechanical dial scale is the time it can take to get a reliable reading since you have to let the dial settle in on the exact weight. Then it can be a little tricky to pinpoint exactly what the dial is pointing to since it is usually in ounces. Compare that to a digital hanging scale (crane scale) that usually displays the weight very quickly with an easy to read LCD or LED weight display.  The mechanical hanging scale often comes with a basket or scoop of some type. 

Customers still purchase mechanical dial hanging scales from us every year. However, more customers purchase the digital hanging scales. Think about your doctor’s office.  Many years ago, your doctor probably weighed you using one of those mechanical scales that you step on and then the nurse would slide the weight down the beam until it balanced. Those scales worked and they were reliable and they could operate just about anywhere since they required no electrical power or batteries.  However, most doctors of today use the high speed accurate digital scales. 

In a lot of cases, the same is true today with digital hanging scales. They can be used for everything from livestock weighing to recycling centers. Today’s customer appreciates the easy to read weight displays and the relatively affordable prices (thanks to manufacturing overseas). 

So, getting back to the original topic for today’s entry, what are the best Hanging Scales at the cheapest prices? 

Well, based on our past experience, our top choice for an affordable legal for trade crane scale is the CAS NC-1.  This scale is popular and affordable for most industrial consumers. If you need a crane scale with some larger capacity choices, we recommend the Intercomp CS1500.

industrial crane scales

For mechanical hanging scales, we recommend the Chatillon Century series legal for trade dial scales.  These are available in various capacities with a scoop or basket. If you just need basic hanging scales, the Kilotech KHS has been popular with some of our customers over the years.

Are these the cheapest scales on the internet?  Absolutely not.  Of course, there are cheaper scales out there.

But as you may or may not know, we focus our efforts on what is the best overall value for customers. We base this off of years of selling and recommending crane scales to customers. Our recommendations aren’t based off surveys, they’re based entirely on our experiences of selling and repairing crane scales over the last couple of decades.