1800scales Retail Price Computing Scale 30 lb.

1800scales Retail Price Computing Scale 30 lb.

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Commercial price computing scale that can be used as a retail food scale in a farm or grocery store. NTEP approved for certified quality. Perfect for selling produce at a Farmers Market, fudge in a Candy Store or weighing roast beef in a Butcher Shop. Dual-Range readability for more precise weighing for almost any product. lbs, oz and kgs as well as displays on front & back. Capacity: 30 lbs. Price includes ground shipping. (cont'l US)
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You don't have to spend a fortune to obtain a high quality NTEP approved legal for trade 30 lb capacity price computing scale that can be used as a retail food scale in a farm or grocery store. If you're selling your produce or other items to the public then you need the scale to be NTEP approved so you get certified quality. You will see a small number on the side of the scale called the certificate of conformance (coc#).

This commercial scale is ideal for selling vegetables and fruit at places like farmers markets, Candy Stores, or Butcher Shop. One nice feature of this scale is the dual range capability which is kind of like having two scales for the price of one. The scale will read weight in 0.005 lb increments from zero to fifteen pounds. Then, from fifteen to thirty pounds the scale will read 0.01 lb increments.

NTEP (Legal for Trade) and available in Dual-Range Capacity for more precise weighing for almost any product. Unit readability in lbs, oz and kgs is standard in both capacities as well as Dual Displays, Front (for the Operator) and Rear (for the Customer). Best of all, the price includes ground shipping. (cont'l US)


 Model No




15kg / 30lb / 500oz

30kg / 60lb / 1000oz


0-6kg: 2g / 6-15kg: 5g

0-15kg: 5g / 15-30kg: 10g

0-15lb: 0.005lb / 15-30lb: 0.01lb

0-30lb:0.01lb / 30-60lb:0.02lb

0-200oz: 0.1oz / 200-500oz: 0.2oz

0-400oz: 0.2oz / 400-1000oz: 0.5oz

 Max Display Weight



 Tare range

6kg / 15lb / 200oz

15kg / 30lb / 400oz



 Max memory(PLU)

265 including 9 direct PLUiAddress: 1-9)
or 265 indirect PLUiAddress: 001-265,
and Addr1-9 can be used as a direct PLU also

 Zero range

Power-on zero rangeFcalibration zero point-3%/+10%FS;
Zero Key rangeFpower-on zero±2%FS

 LCD display

0.56”,18 digitsF6 digit for weight readingC6 digit for unit priceC6 digit for total price

 Unit price range

0.00 – 9999.99 $/kg, $/lb or $/oz

 Total price range

0-999.99$ (limited by bar code print function, otherwise, it can be up to 9999.99$)

 Working temp.

0 ` 40


Power supply


1j12Vdc,500mA with positive center AC adapter or 6Vdc4AH lead-acid battery.
2jAverage working current is about 200mAiexcluding recharge currentj
3jWhen using AC adapter, the lamp of “AC” is on. When charging the battery,
the lamp of “CHARGE” is on.

Rechargeable battery life

The rechargeable battery can make scale work for more than 12 hours after fully
recharged (when the battery voltage is below 5.6v, the lamp of “Lo.bat” is on, and
beep for 10 seconds and then auto off.)

 Scale dimension

W x D x H: 295mm x 340mm x 110mm, 11.61” x 13.4” x 4.3”

 Platter size:

W x D: 295mm x 225mm, 11.61” x 8.86”

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