Transcell SBS-2.5k Single End Shear Beam Load Cells

Transcell SBS-500 Shear Beam Load Cell

$145.00 Reg. Price $165.00   You Save $20.00
500 pound capacity single-ended shear beam Nickel plated alloy steel load cell from Transcell Technology. Designed for low-profile scales and process applications. (non ntep) 20' cable.
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Any time that you need a high quality load cell without the high price tag it is always a good idea to give the Transcell Technology SBS-500 single end beam load cell a try. This shear beam load cell has a 500 pound capacity and includes a 20 foot cable with four wires. Easy to install, stable & reliable and often suitable for everything from floor scales, blending & mixing systems, belt scales and batching. (non ntep)

Transcell SBS-500 Single End Shear Beam Load Cells




Rated Output:
Zero Balance:
±1% of rated output
Creep after 20 mintues:
0.03% of rated output
0.03% of rated output
0.02% ofg rated output
0.02% of rated output
Temp. effect on output:
0.002% of applied output/°C
Temp. effect on zero:
0.002% of rated output/°C
Safe Temperature Range:
-10°C to +80°C
Temp Compensated:
-10°C to +50°C
Safe Overload:
1.5 x rated capacity
Input Impedance:
380ohm ±30ohm
Output Impedance:
350ohm ±3ohm
Insulation Resistance:
>5000 megohms
Rated Excitation:
Maximum Excitation:
Cable Length:
20 feet



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