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Great Value - Well Made (5/5) Sep 18, 2020 Leslie MA US
  This scale is for my veterinary hospital. It was half the price of the scale offered by my veterinary distributor and came much more quickly than they were able to do. This was of primary importance as my old scale had died and itís almost impossible to operate without a scale. The quality seems comparable to better than my old scale. Delivery was less than a week and set up was easy. Good communication with the company. Only complaint is that I wish they had a phone number. Initially didnít quite trust them as there was no contact number. However, they do answer emails quickly.
Vs2501 (5/5) Jul 11, 2020 Samantha Elmira NY US
  Excellent quality. This is a step up from past vet scales Iíve bought
WeighSouth Medical VS-2501 Vet Scale (5/5) Oct 14, 2014 Jennifer Malik Jackson NJ US
  We have an Irish Wolfhound Pup that was spooked at the vet when he slipped in the waiting room. So his scale experience became difficult. So we purchased this scale for home use. Its worked out perfectly. It has a low profile and can be hidden under a bed or couch. So far, very pleased with the product.
VS-2501 scale (5/5) Apr 16, 2014 Ron E Zylstra Kentwood Mi US
  This is my second one now in my clinic. The first one is still working great and I have had no problems with it. I wanted a second one for the surgical area which is on the other level. I am very pleased with this scale which cost half as much as a different brand of scale from a different company which constantly gave me problems.
Scales (5/5) Jun 14, 2012 Wabash County Animal Shelter Mount Carmel IL US
  These scales are awesome. Worked from the moment we put them in place. Rubber mat lets the animals move into place and not be afraid of slipping. And the delivery time was so quick....THANK YOU!
VS-2501 Vet Scale (5/5) Feb 17, 2012 Ron Grand Rapids MI US
  So far so good. Shipping was amazingly fast. Easy to use out of the box and the design is much better than the SR scale I had before. The connection to the display was under the scale so dogs cannot stomp on it and damage it(like they did with my more expensive SR scale.
happy so far (4/5) Jun 26, 2011 Anonymous
  Just received the scale this month, so not long enough to offer a "durability" opinion. However, very happy with two features of the scale - being able to get an accurate reading without (other than initial) fluctuation of the weight, and the large display on the indicator makes it very easy to read.

A caution, though - the accessory stand does not fit under the scale unless the scale itself is raised considerably, taking away the "low entry height" feature.

Shipping was prompt, setup was easy - so far very happy with the scale!
Owner (4/5) May 2, 2011 Patricia Genellie Avella PA US
  The first scale I received was damaged in the shipping. I must commend Charles for his handling of the situation. We tried to fix the problem over the phone but were unable to rectify the problem. Charles immediately sent a replacement scale and handled the shipping matter as well. I received the new scale 2 days later and it works perfectly.
I would recommend Weigh South and the VS-2501 scale to anyone interested in a vet scale.
Quality scale (3/5) Jul 14, 2010 Carol Berlauk Martinsville Vi US
  I researched multiple sites for a replacement scale for our busy animal shelter. 1800Scales had the best deal and, while I ordered the scale on a holiday, it still arrived 2 days later. Our previous scale (which is still being sold @ the same price of the VS-2501) was unrepairable as it was not composed of separate load cells like this scale is equipped with.
Weighing In (5/5) May 24, 2010 Humane Animal Treatment Society Mt. Pleasant MI US
  I ordered this for our very busy shelter.
I was pleased it came very quickly. A customer set it up while I vaccinated a dog--that quick!
I am impressed with the quality, appearance, and (I assume) accuracy. It's been a week and everyone is very happy with it.
We have a very tight budget and I think we really got our monies worth.
It's also been a fun game. We've always guessed the weights, and we still do. Now we see who gets the closest.

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