NCI 7840 Parcel Shipping Scale w/ 18x24 Platter

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More Details - NCI 7840 Parcel Shipping Scale w/ 18x24 Platter

The NCI 7840 shipping scale 9503-15791 easily accommodates oversize parcels or containers in the shipping room. It has a fast digital response and large weigh platter. This NTEP approved scale is also available with a ball-top platter.

NCI 7840

Features & Benefits
Fast Digital Response Speeds processing time that results in improved throughput and increased productivity.

Simple to Use Reduces operator training time.

DuraBridge® Technology Reduces overall scale deflection when a full load is applied.

Resident Display Front mounted, 1/2" H, six-digit LCD display.

Large Weigh Platters Easily accommodates oversize parcels or containers.

Versatile Can be set up in either decimal pounds or kilogram mode.

Construction Stainless steel weigh platter. Painted mild steel base enclosure.

RS-232 Cable DB-9 pin female connector allows you to connect to a PC.

Controls ZERO: With auto zero tracking for zeroing the scale. TEST: Runs a diagnostic program to assure scale is fully functional.

I/O Port Allows for connection to a computer or smart terminal. Uses standard PC cable to 9-pin "D" connector on scale. RS-232, bidirectional, configurable 1200 - 19.2K baud. Transmits weight and scale status whenever ASCII W <CR> is sent by a remote device. High resolution H command accesses increased resolution.

Power Supply Recessed power supply with standard wall plug.

Capacity and Resolution:
250 lb x .05 lb or 100 kg x .02 kg

Weight classifier or scale configurations available in setup.
Shipping Weight:
70 lbs (Standard Configuration)

Platter Size: 18 x 24

Power: 120 VAC (+10%-15%), 60 Hz, standard 3-wire ground.

Agency Approvals:
United States: NTEP #95-121
Canada: MOI #AM-5099 Rev. 1 For use as a Class III Device from +5°C through 40°C

Operating Environment: 42°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), 10% to 95%, RH (non-condensing)


Part Number
Ship Wt.
7840 250 lb w/ 18x24 flat platter
68 lb (31 kg)

RS-232 10' Interface Cable (9 Pin to 9 Pin) included with each scale.

Part Number ........ Description
7300-16577-01 Remote Display, 6 Digit; 7' Cable
7300-16864-01 Remote Post Display, 6 Digit; 12" Post and 7' Cable
9570-13474 MR4KB Scale-to-Keyboard Wedge Decoder
7200-14837 12" Pole for Remote Display


Also available:    
9503-15793 7840 250 lb w/Ball Top 75 lb (34 kg)

*Custom or non-stock item. Please allow 5-day lead time.

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