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Buy American Made scales and weighing equipment! This page consists of our American Made Scale Systems! Intercomp, Pennsylvania, B-Tek and more! These digital scales & accessories are ideal for weighing everything. Rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weight management here in the USA! Please work with us on this concept of American made because each year it is getting harder to find 100 percent USA MADE items, so in some instances there may be some foreign made load cells or an indicator from China.

So please understand there might be some exceptions. If you demand one hundred percent made in the USA, email us and we can check with the factory and make sure. If you're looking for a listing of our top digital scales you can click here as well.

  • 48x48 Floor Scale with Digital Readout Capacity 5000 lbs
    4'x4' Pennsylvania Platform Floor Scale 5000 lb.This versatile fully electronic 48"x48" mild steel painted Pennsylvania 6600 floor scale is a great choice for any warehouse. Comes with a Pennsylvania 7600+ digital indicator for a Complete Scale System factory calibrated -- ready to use immediately when you receive the scale. NTEP, Capacity: 5000 pounds, best of all this price includes the Freight in cont'l US business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift.
  • 4x8 48x96 Floor Scale Stretch shrink wrap machine weigh
    4'x8' Platform Scale w/ DWI Ideal for stretch wrap machineVersatile fully electronic 48" x 96" floor scale is ideal for placement under a stretch wrap machine and will be plenty heavy duty for other applications as well. The structural steel design withstands years of heavy industrial use. Platform Size: 4'x8' Capacity: 10,000 lbs. Price includes freight in cont'l US business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility. (Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)
  • B-Tek 4x4 Floor Scale for Warehouses 5000 lb. 910-1000-T103P
    B-Tek 4-Square NTEP Floor Scale System 5000 lb.If you're in the market for a floor scale that's built in America then you've found a good one with the 4-Square from B-Tek. Many of our customers specifically ask for this scale on every order. Excellent 4x4 5K package combining the rugged, low profile floor scale with the easy to use T103P Digital Weight Indicator. NTEP Approved. Price includes freight in cont'l US to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift.
  • Befour PS-6600 ST Portable Digital Scales
    Befour PS-6600 ST Portable Scale 500 x 0.1 lbsWith itís remote indicator the PS-6600 ST portable scale is perfect for on the go weighing. The nationís top-selling sports scale for the past decade. The "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in youth sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. Platform: 16" x 18" and Capacity of 500 x 0.1 lbs.
  • Intercomp CW250 Portable Floor Scale 2000 lb.
    Intercomp CW250 Portable 2000 lb. Floor Scale 15"x15"Intercomp CW250 portable 2000 lb. floor scale with 15"x15" platform is ideal for weighing tanks, drums, boxes, cylinders, and miscellaneous items. Scale is battery operated (charger adapter and cable provided) This rugged self-contained unit is NTEP Class III approved. (95-024) Normal lead time for this item is 2 weeks before shipment.
  • Pennsylvania 7500-200 Parts Count Scale
    Pennsylvania 7500-200 Heavy Duty Counting ScalePennsylvania 7500-200 counting scale with super large 200 pound max capacity features simple 4 button keypad ideal for quick training for your workforce performing annual inventory. This is great for counting larger items.
  • Pennsylvania 7600/4 Plus Digital Indicators
    Pennsylvania 7600+ Digital Weight IndicatorPennsylvania 7600+ is an affordable choice in material handling and shipping and receiving applications, the Pennsylvania 7600+ digital weight readout is practical indicator for floor and bench scales. Aluminum Die Cast enclosure. Counting function. Full keypad. NTEP Approved.
  • Pennsylvania 7600-200 Industrial Parts Counting Scale
    Pennsylvania 7600-200 Industrial Counting ScalePennsylvania 7600-200 digital parts counting scale features a large 200 pound max capacity. Ideal for counting fairly large items, shipping or receiving verifications, inventory or production control, powerful and flexible std. RS232 data link, heavy duty cast construction.
  • Pennsylvania Digital Weight Indicator 7600E
    Pennsylvania 7600E Digital Weight MeterAn economical choice in material handling and shipping and receiving applications, the Pennsylvania 7600E digital weight readout is a practical indicator for floor and bench scales. Stainless Steel enclosure. NTEP Approved.
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