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Thanks for a great balance at a great price! And you didn't inflate your shipping.
Kevin, I was just acknowledging the rapid receipt of the CAS SW-1 (20) which I needed
so much. Checked it out today and it is great. Really appreciate your quick
and efficient response. I will certainly recommend your company to others in
our area who may be in need of new scales. Thanks, E Jordan
Thanks! That's fantastic! I really appreciate it -- I'm sure it won't be
our last order. Also, we wholesale and I'll be sure to refer my customers
to you.
Thanks again, Eileen

Hi Kevin,
I just want to take a minute to thank you for your help and advice with our scale. It's been to several markets now, and I just love it. The adapter was exactly what we needed, as well.

Thank you, too for having the manual on your website. I studied it, before the scale arrived, and was able to take the scale to the market immediately. Priceless.

You can rest assured, that for any scale needs in the future, we will be shopping with you, as well as sending anyone we know, looking for scales. It was a real pleassure doing business with you. Thanks also, for shipping it so quickly.

Thanks to you, I have what matters most. I just can't tell you how much I love it. The funny thing is, people argue less about prices, when the numbers come up on the scale. They seem suspicious of math done with the brain LOL. Needless to say, things still cost what they did before, but now they can see it, and don't have to believe it

Thanks a whole lot again

Do you realize you saved me approx $150.00? That means you lost $150.00. That also tells me you guys have integrity. I also will be buying my future scales from you as well as informing my associates [all requiring NTEP scales] of a good company in which to do business. So be careful giving away money, you might make more.



Thanks. Great Service!


Wow, thank you. I was worried in that I could not talk to a real person on the phone. Your system works, GREAT. I will ship the return tomorrow.
I have forwarded your email to the faculty member and Physics lab assistant who ordered the balances for their feedback. As the Administrative Assistant for the division I was the liaison to place the order on 4/20/11 and we received the scales on 4/26/11 - a fast turn-around from North Carolina for sure. I place lots of orders for the division so can attest to your efficiency and expedient customer service, which was appreciated more than you know. J Linda
Prices and Quality of products are excellent!

Plant Manager
Thatís fine..I really appreciate your customer service. Was a bit worried since no actual phone numbers, but Iím pleased as punch that you replied quickly.

As long as it gets there as soon as possible.

Again, my thanks,

Administrative Purchasing Clerk

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