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Medical Scales

These medical scales are ideal for doctors offices, clinics, health clubs, etc. Our physician scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for patient weight management. Looking for the top brands of scales? We have them, whether you need a height rod or not. Detecto, Seca, Health-O-Meter Professional and Weighsouth Medical are just a few of the top scale brands of physicians scales that we offer.

We have an outstanding selection of infant scales from manufacturers like Seca and Doran Medical. We also have high quality electronic doctors office scales and if you're not a fan of a digital scale, we also have the traditional "classic" mechanical style doctors scales with the beam that you slide across and height rods. Finally we also have handrail scales which are great for patients who need a little assistance stepping on the scale and wheelchair scales that are both stationary and portable.


Providing Patients with an Easy and Accurate Weighing Experience

Over the years, doctors offices and clinics have weighed their patients on mechanical beam scales or simple digital scales with a column. However, with the baby boomer generation aging, the demand for digital scales with handrails is becoming a very popular choice to accommodate the increased number of elderly patients.

This is very important especially for patients with balance or stability issues. Elderly patients often have impaired mobility. This limits the patients ability to maintain their balance on a scale. And, since it is a weighing device, grabbing onto a wall or the scale itself, or perhaps obtaining some assistance from the nurse can lead to inaccurate weighing. However, by not having their full weight onto the platform, holding onto the physician scale or a walker can result in an inaccurate weight reading.

Patient Weighing Solutions using a Wide Array of Physicians Scales & Options

Fortunately we have several choices available to accommodate you. First we have handrail scales and bariatric scales. Many of these offer some type of rail for holding on. We also offer some handlebar kits that can be added to your existing scale. These items can help patients with poor or impaired balance maintain stability when standing on the low profile platform. The good news is these bars can assist the patient without affecting scale accuracy.

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