Balances from 10,001 grams and up

This page consists of an assortment of our high capacity balances in capacities from 10,000 grams and up. Our laboratory balances are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weight management.

  • Ohaus Explorer EX35001 Scale 35000 x 0.1gOhaus Explorer EX35001 features capacity of 35,000 x 0.1 grams with 14.8 x 12.2 platter.
  • Ohaus Explorer EX24001 Scale 24000 x 0.1gOhaus EX24001 features 24,000 x 0.1 g capacity with 14.8 x 12.2 platter
  • Intell-Lab PH-Touch 32001 Scale 32kg x 0.1gThe PH-Touch 32001 is a high capacity lab balance with an impressive readability of one tenth of a gram. The PH is a great choice when you need the precision of a laboratory balance, but the capacity of a more industrial weighing machine -- at an affordable price. 32,000 g x 0.1 g.
  • LW Measurements TREE SCALE HRB 20,000 Grams Balances
    HRB-20001 High Capacity Balance 20,000 x 0.1gHRB 20001 high capacity balance weighs up to 20,000 grams with 0.1 gram readability. Ground Shipping Included (cont'l US)
  • Rice Lake TP-12K Balance 12000 x 0.1gGreat for applications where quick response, durability and portability are required. Our line of Rice Lake TP-12K balances provides an unmatched combination of durability, accuracy and speed. At the heart of these unique instruments is a revolutionary tuning fork sensor that delivers outstanding performance. 12,000 x 0.1g
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