Laundry Scales

These digital scales & accessories are ideal for Laundromats, Laundry centers, and hotels. These laundry scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weight management when weighing clothes. Remember if you're planning on buying or selling to customers based on weight, then you need to pick a scale that's NTEP Approved Legal for Trade.

  • NTEP Legal Retail Price Computing Laundry Scale 60 pound Capacity
    CAS Price Per Pound Laundry Scale with BasketCharge customers for laundered clothes by the pound. Easy pricing with the CAS NTEP legal for trade 60 lb. capacity price computing scale with laundry basket. Designed for stationary or portable use with AC power and rechargeable batteries, the scale with basket is ideal for weighing your customer's laundry and charging by the pound. Display on front and back. Features a 60 pound capacity scale with laundry basket
  • brecknell ds1000 drum scale
    Salter DS1000 Portable Drum Weigher ScaleSalter Brecknell DS1000 portable drum weigher scale comes calibrated with SBI 100 digital indicator. Power by rechargeable battery and standard power. Freight included for cont'l US customers via LTL Freight truck
  • Digital Crane Scale Dynamometer Economy 10,000 lb.
    200HS Battery Digital Hanging Scale 10,000 lbThe 200HS hanging scale is an affordable 10,000 lb. crane scale calibrated with a highly accurate load cell with 2 eye bolts. Easy to install and operate, the 200HS crane scales come with 15 to 20 ft of cable between crane scale and the digital weight indicator. The load cell is Nickel plated tool steel. Calibrated with Stainless Steel Enclosure Digital Indicator with Peak Hold and operates on AC power and rechargeable battery. 10,000 x 2 lb. Normal lead time 3 to 5 business days.
  • CAS S-2000JR Price Computing Scale RS232 Serial Communication 60 lb. LCD
    CAS S2000 Jr Price Computing Scale 60 lb LCDCAS S2000 JR NTEP legal for trade 60 lb. price computing scale features AC and rechargeable battery power, serial port, and is ideal weighing choice for everything from fudge and chocolate shoppes selling candy by the pound to local farmers market produce stands selling vegetables and fruit by the price per pound. Cap: 60 lbs. Display: LCD.
  • Salter Brecknell 3800LP SBI-505 150 lb. The Salter Brecknell 3800LP Series Calibrated with SBI-505 scale with 150 lb capacity is a versatile and accurate NTEP Legal weighing device. NTEP 5,000 divisions Class III, CC# 14-008. 150 lb x 0.05 lb Platform: 20x20
  • CAS SW-1 Bench Scale Legal for Trade NTEP Certified Approved
    CAS SW Digital Bench Scale NTEP 50 lbThe CAS SW-1 (50) scale has all the features you're looking for -- NTEP Approval -- reads in lbs, grams, kgs, ounces -- operates on AC power and D batteries and has large 50 pound capacity. Enjoy the flexibility of the NTEP Approved legal for trade CAS SW-1 bench scale today! Platform: 9.1" x 7.5" CAPACITY: 50 lbs (three other capacities available)
  • NTEP Legal for Trade Weigh Scale digital CCi-220
    CCi 220 NTEP Approved Bench Scale 220 lb.NTEP Approved legal for trade, heavy duty bench scale system! Features full tare function, auto off function, auto zero tracking, net weight indicator, low battery warning, weighs in KG or LB, adjustable tower and indicator and operates by rechargeable battery or AC power. Capacity: 220 x 0.1 lbs Platform: 16.5" x 12.75" Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • Cardinal 4x4 Battery Power Floor Scale 5000 lbCardinal Platform Scale EH-544-F with 185B Digital Weight Readout calibrated 5000 lbs x 1 lb. is built with the cost conscious American consumer in mind. Price includes freight in continental US to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or forklift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility. (Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)
  • CAS EB-60 NTEP Price Computing Bench Scale 60 lb.
    CAS EB-150 Price Computing Bench Scale 150 lb.The EB-150 Series bench scale style Price Computing Scale offers a 150 lb. capacity. Large Platform great for bulk weighing. Produce crisp, clean receipts and labels with the optional DLP-50 Label Printer and DEP-50 Receipt Printer. Use in laundry facilities, farmer's markets, retail, recycling, & more.
  • CAS EB-60 NTEP Price Computing Bench Scale 60 lb.
    CAS EB-60 Price Computing Bench Scale 60 lb.The EB-60 Series bench scale style Price Computing Scale offers a 60 lb. capacity. Large Platform great for bulk weighing. Produce crisp, clean receipts and labels with the optional DLP-50 Label Printer and DEP-50 Receipt Printer. Use in laundry facilities, farmer's markets, retail, recycling, & more.
  • UWE UFM-B150 NTEP Scale 300 lb. Legal for Trade
    UWE UFM-B30 NTEP Bench Scale 60 lb.UWE UFM-B30 NTEP Approved Bench Scale system 60 lb. capacity. Features Large LCD display which gives excellent readability in sunlight. Heavy duty construction will withstand harsh industrial operation. Reads in kilograms or pounds -- Flexibility of operation. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
  • HSDC-200 Hanging Scale by Cardinal
    Cardinal Detecto HSDC-200 Battery Operated Hanging ScaleHSDC-200 is a full-featured, battery-powered hanging scale from Cardinal that incorporates push button tare, a sleep mode, and an auto shutoff mode to prolong battery life. Whether an industrial application, a curbside, site collection operation for recycling, or a supermarket, the HSDC series hanging scale is the true example of accurate portable weighing. Battery Operated only (batteries not included) NTEP approved, Prices include ground shipping cont'l US.
  • CAS PB-300 Portable Scales 300 lb.
    CAS PB-150 Portable Bench Scale 150 lb.This economical CAS PB-150 portable scale has weighing capacity of 150 lbs and a platform size of 14 x 17". The scale is easy to carry and operates on AC adapter included or battery power.
  • Coin Counting Scale count quarters dimes nickels with ease
    1800SCALES.com Digital Coin Counting Scale 30 kg.The CCS-60 Series Coin Counting Scale is an easy-to-use, highly accurate scale which features programmable unit weights and denominations. Up to 25 multiple weighments can be accumulated for batch counting. This scale is AC & battery operated, (125 hours continuous use) can go anywhere and will count coins, tokens, and chips at the touch of a button. Three large LCD displays (Back lit) show Denomination, Quantity and Total Dollar Amount of coins being counted, making this scale fast, easy and accurate for all coin applications. Reduce labor, time and human error.
  • Portable Floor Scale for Laundry Load Estimating
    CAS R2 Portable Laundry / Drum Floor Scale 1000 lbThe CAS R2 Series Drum Scale is a portable, low profile platform scale with integral ramps, live side rails, wheels, and handles to insure versatility and portability. Ideal for weighing everything from barrels and drums to laundry carts and baskets. Cap: 1000 lb. Freight included for cont'l US customers via LTL Freight truck
  • 25 lb x 1/8 lb Dial Bench Scale Detecto PT-25-R
    Detecto T50 Mechanical Dial Scale 50 lbWhatever your need in a top-loading dial scale, Detecto has a model to handle the job. The T50 Series features 50 lb max capacity. Sturdy construction, stability, convenient viewing angle. Versatile since the scale does not require AC power or battery to operate.

What Scale Should I buy for my Laundromat?

There are a couple of different scenarios to consider in the laundry business. If you operate a coin laundromat, then you may want to look at one of our coin counting scales which will make counting quarters much easier and faster. You also may want to look at our legal for trade price computing scale with heavy duty laundry basket.

Now, if you're a hotel or some other entity that weighs large amounts of laundry, then you may want to consider one of our platform scales with ramp. Don't forget, if you provide wash and dry and fold services at your laundromat, you will need a NTEP approved legal for trade laundry scale to weigh customers laundry by the pound.

You might be wandering, what exactly does NTEP mean?

Scales that are NTEP approved have been tested by NCWM to ensure they meet certain standards and requirements. In virtually every state in the United States, laundromats need their scales to be NTEP approved in order to conduct business over the counter with customers. Any time you charge customers based on weight you must have an NTEP approved legal for trade laundry scale. NTEP laundry scales have a Certificate of Conformance stamped on them. In addition to being NTEP approved, you will probably need to have your scales checked by either a local scale company or a state inspector.

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