cas hfs-405 floor scale with CI-200S readout

CAS HFS-405 4x4 Floor Scale 5000 lb w/ CI-200S

$1,595.00 Reg. Price $1,995.00   You Save $400.00
Industrial floor scales from CAS are rugged, tough and affordable. Great for shipping or warehouse use. NTEP Approved. 4'x4' Calibrated 5000 x 1 lbs with CI-200S Stainless Steel Digital Weight Indicator. Freight included anywhere in the Cont'l US to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or fork-lift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility.(Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)
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The great thing about this floor scale system is you get great quality at an affordable price. The CAS HFS-405 floor scale is a great overall value that just about any business could use to verify the weight of pallets or generally weigh just about anything that you would ever need to weigh throughout a normal business day.

Don't forget, with most floor scale systems you only receive a plastic weight indicator. The problem with this is, all it takes is just one false move and that plastic indicator has been knocked off the desk and is busted. The CI-200S is a digital weight indicator with IP67 rated stainless steel enclosure. Best of all it comes calibrated to the HFS-405 floor scale. Once you see this indicator in person, you will see that this is no plastic indicator!

Think about this. How many 4x4 floor scales on the market today come with a legitimate manufacturer backed 2 year warranty? The answer is, not very many. CAS Corporation, is located in New Jersey and is just a phone call away. This economical HFS-405 platform scale is available in a 5000 lb capacity with one pound increments. The dimensions are 48" x 48" x 3.5" and the platform features a 0.25" thick anti-skid diamond plate top. This high quality floor scale comes factory calibrated to the CAS CI-200S stainless steel digital weight indicator for simple and easy to use performance.

The product developers and engineers at CAS took a page from modern technology in developing the HFS-405 industrial floor scale. Today’s modern planes, boats, cars and trucks are all being made lighter to conserve resources. Yet the vehicles of today are far superior in performance to the same types made just ten years ago. How is that? It’s simple engineering. Modern engineers have perfected the use of structural tubular design; steel beams created to weigh less and engineered with structural integrity superior to conventional steel beams. This tubular steel beam technology is used in the HFS-405 scale. Producing a floor scale of uncompromising strength.


HFS-405 (w/ CI-200S) Floor Scale Features

48" x 48" Low Profile Painted Steel Floor Scale
0.25" Thick Anti-skid Diamond Plate Top Deck
Rugged Structural Tubular Design
Stainless Steel Weight Indicator
Side Access Junction Box
Quick Connect Cable
Cable Length - 16 ft.
NTEP #07-022 - Legal for Trade

cas ci-200s stainless steel digital weight indicatorcas hfs-405 industrial floor scale

HFS-405 Floor Scale Brochure (pdf file)


Ship Weight


48" x 48" x 3.5"

5000 x 1 lbs

275 lbs

48" x 48" x 3.5"
10,000 x 2 lbs
330 lbs
60" x 60" x 3.5"
5000 x 1 lbs
365 lbs
60" x 60" x 3.5"
10,000 x 2 lbs
420 lbs




Options Available
Ramp ....................................... 48"



FREE SHIPPING! Ship this HFS floor scale package anywhere in the Cont'l US to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or fork-lift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility. (Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)

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