50 lb. Cast Iron Weight ASTM Class 6 Grip Handle

50 lb. Cast Iron Weight ASTM Class 6 Grip Handle

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ASTM Class 6 grip handle 50 pound calibration test weight, painted cast iron.
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ASTM Class 6 Grip Handle 50 pound calibration test weights are fantastic for calibrating and checking scales that necessitate a 50 lb weight for scale checks or calibration. These types of avoirdupois grip handle weights are made of cast iron and feature a grip handle which makes transporting the test weight from one location to the other much easier. A ASTM Class 6 50 lb. test weight is intended to be used primarily to test commercial weighing devices for compliance with the requirements of NIST Handbook 44. These are popular with many customers since they are relatively easy to move from different locations and provide a good and accurate check for your scales.

50 lb weight

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These are painted cast iron weights with a grip handle in the middle for carrying. Cast iron metric and avoirdupois field standards are actually color coded (i.e. gold for metric and silver for avoirdupois) to differentiate the weights. Therefore, these fifty pound calibration test weights with grip handle are painted silver.


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12839 ..................................... ASTM Class 6 Painted Grip Handle Test Weight, 50 lb



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