Shipping Scales List

Shipping Scales -- Great Selection! Whether you operate a small business, packaging store or a commercial shipping company, we have a wide variety of systems. Many are UPS Worldship™ compatible scales. Typically if you are a counter service charging patrons by weight, the scale needs to be NTEP approved, legal for trade (LFT).

Whether a small business or commercial company, 1-800-SCALES.com™ has a very impressive line of shipping and postal scales with capacities ranging from 6 lb to 2000 lbs.

Scales like the Mettler Toledo PS60 are fantastic for numerous weighing purposes in which just gross weight measurements are needed as well as where affordable pricing or system integration is very important. This parcel weighing machine is frequently utilized at mail box and shipping and delivery retailers, post offices, commercial shipping departments and package delivery drop-off facilities. The PS-60 weighing machine is a perfect option for PC-Based carrier shipping systems. It is suitable for many shipping systems (talk with your software supplier for compatibility prior to purchasing) the Mettler Toledo PS60 is a superb option for your shipping assembly line because freight carriers require the weight of each and every individual package they accept into their system. Carriers require that you supply precise weight details when uploading your shipping paperwork. If the weight documented is less then the real weight, carriers can invoice an individual for the variation.

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