20 lb. Cast Iron Weight ASTM Class 5 Grip Handle

20 lb. Cast Iron Weight ASTM Class 5 Grip Handle

20 lb. Cast Iron Calibration Weight ASTM Class 5
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20 pound test weights that are ASTM Class 5 and contain a grip handle are fantastic for calibrating and verifying weighing scales that require a twenty pound weight. These kinds of avoirdupois grip handle weights are made from cast iron and have a grip handle that makes carrying the weight from a single place to the other much simpler.

A 20 lbs. test weight will likely be utilized mostly to check industrial weighing products for compliance with the specifications of NIST Handbook 44. Lately, a lot of sign manufacturers have been buying 20 pound certified weight with traceable certificate as a result of numerous related industry requirements.

Cast iron metric and avoirdupois field standards should be color coded (i.e. gold for metric and silver for avoirdupois) to distinguish the weights. Consequently, 20 pound calibration test weights with grip handle are silver. This twenty pound painted cast iron grip handle test weight is wonderful for calibrating scales that need a calibration weight.

20 lb cast iron grip handle test weight


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