Salter Brecknell 200E Digital Weight Indicator

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Salter 200E Digital Weight Indicator

Salter Brecknell 200E Digital Weight Readout

The Salter Brecknell 200E is a general purpose, "no frills" digital indicator housed in a standard black ABS enclosure. It comes with a large (.6") green LED screen for easy read out of up to 50,000 display divisions,and supplies enough current for up to four 350-ohm load cells. All setup parameters may be entered very easily via the front panel keys. Please note, these are being phased out. If you order the 200E you will instead receive the TI-500E which is virtually identical to the 200E.

The 200E uses full duplex RS-232 serial format for communication with many types of attached support equipment. The unit can transmit data on demand, or continuously in a popular data protocol to match a wide variety of printers, remote displays, or personal computers.


Mechanical Conversion Kit
Floor / Deck Scale Indicator
Manifest Systems
Standard Features

High Quality / Low Cost
NTEP Approved for 5,000 divisions
Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port
Easy to Read LED Display
Displays up to 50,000 graduations
Drives up to four 350-ohm Load Cells
Full Front Panel Configuration
Stainless Steel Swivel Stand
AC Adapter

Display Resolution: Up to 50,000 external grads, selectable

Key Functions: LB/kg, Zero, Net/Gross, Tare, Print

Annunciators: Gross, Net, kg, LB, center of zero, stable, tare, negative

Serial Port: Full duplex RS-232 format

Power Requirements: 12 VDC, 650 mA Wall Adapter, included

Power Consumption: 80 mA + 30mA/350-ohm load cell

Operating Temperature: 10° C to 40° C (-14° F to 104° F)

Indicator Dimensions: 3.2" x 6.8" x 2.3" (81 mm x 173 mm x 57mm)

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty applies

NIST Classification: H-44 Class III at 5,000 divisions C.O.C. # 95-006

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