Adam Equipment NBL 16001e Nimbus Balance 16kg x 0.1g

The Adam Equipment NBL 16001e balances are some of the best value large capacity balances you're going to find. The Nimbus Series of balances are designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and commercial users offering a wide range of applications. Capacity: 16,000 x 0.1g Calibration: External
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The Adam Equipment NBL 16001e balances are some of the best value large capacity balances you're going to find. The Nimbus Series of balances are designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and commercial users offering a wide range of applications. Capacity: 16,000 x 0.1g Calibration: External

Created for scientists, the Nimbus selection of lab balances delivers a product range of types that offer a full range of precision readabilities which range from 0.1mg to 0.1g. Revolutionary design and style allows a reduction of the balance’s foot print, so it takes up less area yet maintains the highest level of efficiency. A single piece of extruded aluminum forms the balance base. The aluminum provides exceptional thermal transfer for a more maintained temperature, while the solid core is more rigid, offering higher stability and which allows highly repeatable results. The internal mechanism is fabricated making use of hardened materials, assisting the Nimbus withstand intense lab use. Created from a single block, the weighing sensor in the Nimbus consists of fewer parts than a traditional force motor balance.

More attributes of the Nimbus NBL 16001e include Vivid, backlit Liquid crystal display comfortably visible in any lighting situations. Color coded keys assist in quick acknowledgement of the most commonly used buttons. Level indicator and adjusting feet ensure proper balance setup for optimal weighing outcome. Easily removed draft shield on styles with 0.001g readability helps to reduce errors brought on by air currents. Powerful metal casing protects internal components in harsh surroundings. Sealed keypad helps to protect against dirt and unintended spills. USB and RS-232 user interfaces offer you easy communication with computer systems and printers. External calibration enables verification and adjustment with test weights. Printouts include date and time for data tracking within Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines. Selectable digital filtering helps minimize effects of vibration and disturbances. Zero-tracking function helps ensure monitor returns to zero reading. AC adapter included.

Applications intended for this laboratory balance include Weighing, Parts counting, Percentage weighing, Dynamic / animal weighing, Density determination. For longer than Forty years, experts around the globe have trusted Adam Equipment for the comprehensive selection of trustworthy and inexpensive weighing scales. Adam provides the right balance of speed, performance and value.

For Forty years, Adam Equipment has provided trained professionals all over the globe with quality balances and weighing scales. In 1972, this company began in the United Kingdom by Alan Storey, and through the years has established a network of facilities to streamline construction and distribution of its products and solutions. Now, with locations on virtually every continent, the company continues its approach of developing and manufacturing laboratory balances and weighing scales that provide its users speed, performance and value.

As a company, Adam Equipment’s continuing achievements and advancement can be attributed to the abilities, dedication, passion and dependability of the personnel. Adam is always set to go that one step further to solve each customer’s needs. This is evident in the receptive customer satisfaction, which is one of the inherent characteristics that pull customers back time and time again.

Weighing scales are utilized every day in every marketplace. From waste disposal to developing future medicines - the thought of measurement offers value, continuity and equality where there would otherwise be disruption and confusion. Adam is very proud to supply these markets and satisfy their needs every day with trustworthy scales and balances. Adam Equipment creates all its items with end users in mind. From the moment of inception to final production, Adam seeks to produce user-friendly lab balances and weighing scales that are simple to use and that deliver smart, useful features to help increase efficiency and productivity. Working meticulously with sales and marketing industry experts and the distribution partners, the R&D crew strives to produce products that meet the various demands of the customers’ numerous applications. In places you may possibly see Adam Equipment typically is in the areas of development and research, manufacturing and transportation, workers use mass measurement and weighing to develop items, keep an eye on quality, track inventories and keep a mindful eye on progress, which ultimately affects the results.

Adam helps keep business and manufacturing on the right path by providing weighing and counting scales that allow them to preserve system quality, uniformity and reliability in their business operations. In industry, our weighing scales assist in preventing possible health and safety difficulties, protecting workers from accidental injuries related to lifting too much weight. Shipping and warehouse scales help monitor weight loads and safely increase productivity. Science educators everywhere count on Adam’s mechanical and digital experience and knowledge to supply high quality lab balances and weighing scales, helping educate up-and-coming scientists and engineers, from junior high schools to the university levels. The research laboratory balances utilized in scientific studies are helping broaden the boundaries of scientific discovery, aiding scientists to innovate in development and research of new products and medications.


Model Capacity Readability Pan size Draft Shield
NBL 84e 80g 0.0001g 3.5″ Ø / 90mm Ø
NBL 124e 120g 0.0001g 3.5″ Ø / 90mm Ø
NBL 164e 160g 0.0001g 3.5″ Ø / 90mm Ø
NBL 214e 210g 0.0001g 3.5″ Ø / 90mm Ø
NBL 254e 250g 0.0001g 3.5″ Ø / 90mm Ø


Model Capacity Readability Platform size Draft Shield
NBL 223e 220g 0.001g 4.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 423e 420g 0.001g 4.7″ Ø / 120mm Ø
NBL 623e 620g 0.001g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 823e 820g 0.002g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 1602e 1600g 0.01g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 2602e 2600g 0.01g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 3602e 3600g 0.01g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 4602e 4600g 0.01g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 4201e 4200g 0.1g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 6201e 6200g 0.1g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 8201e 8.2kg 0.1g 6.3″ Ø / 160mm Ø
NBL 12001e 12kg 0.1g 15.7×11.8″ / 400×300mm
NBL 16001e 16kg 0.1g 15.7×11.8″ / 400×300mm
NBL 22001e 22kg 0.1g 15.7×11.8″ / 400×300mm


•No.104008036 Anti-Vibration Table
•No.600002028 Adam DU - Data Collection Program
•No.3014011014 RS-232 to PC Cable
•No.3074010267 USB Cable
•No.1120011156 ATP Thermal Printer
•No.3123011281 Thermal Paper For Adam ATP (10 pack)
•No.2011013014 Density Kit for 0.0001g and NBL / EBL223 and 423 balances only
•No.2011013015 Density Kit for NBL / EBL623, 823, 1023 and 1623 balances only
•No.3012313008 Dust Cover for 0.001g to 0.1g balances upto 8200g
•No.3012313010 In use cover for 0.001g balances
•No.3012313011 In use cover for 0.01g and 0.1g balances upto 8200g
•No.3012313012 In use cover for 0.1g balances 12000g and more
•No.2010012712 Rechargeable battery pack for NBL223, 423, 1602, 2602, 3602, 4602, 4001, 6001 and 8001 models only
•No.2010012741 Pillar option (factory fitted) for models with 300 x 400mm base size only
•No.700100007 F1 100g Calibration Weight for NBL / EBL223
•No.700100012 F1 200g Calibration Weight for NBL / EBL423
•No.700100008 F1 500g Calibration Weight for NBL / EBL623, 823 and 1023 models
•No.700100009 F1 1kg Calibration Weight for EBL1603 and NBL / EBL1602 models
•No.700100013 F1 5kg Calibration Weight for EBL6202 and NBL / EBL6201 and 8201 models
•No.700100209 2 x F1 5kg Calibration Weights for NBL / EBL12001, 16001, 22001 and EBL32001 models

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