CM-101 Price Computing Scale Penn Scale CM101

Penn Scale CM-101 Food Service Scale 30 lb

If you are looking for a low cost brand new NTEP Legal for Trade price computing scale for your restaurant or deli you've found it with the CM101 scale. This CM-101 scale from Penn Scale features an LCD display on both front and back and can run on regular AC power or rechargeable battery. Capacity: 30 x 0.01 lbs.
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The Penn Scale CM-101 digital price computing scale provides retailers with a low cost choice in today's world of high price legal for trade digital scales. The CM-101 is NTEP Approved "Legal for Trade" and is pretty easy to master for everyday use. You can sell your strawberries, fudge or anything you desire based on weight to your customers at the market or stand.

The capacity is 30 x 0.01 pounds which is pretty standard in the weighing industry for this type of scale. The scale operates either on 120 VAC power or with the rechargeable battery. This Penn Scale CM-101 computing scale is one of the lowest cost brand new NTEP legal for trade price computing scale that we know of.

The CM-101 is a popular 30 lb NTEP Certified Legal for Trade Price Computing scale. It has a well-earned reputation of providing years of easy and reliable use for customers. The CM101 is very simple to use and is the perfect size and weight. The scale comes with a backlight LCD display, a long lasting internal rechargeable battery and an AC adapter. The scale also comes with a one year warranty.

It is very popular in locations such as supermarkets, delicatessens, candy stores, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt stores, coffee and tea retailers, farmers markets and other retail food establishments where owners need to charge patrons by the pound.


CM-101 Digital Price Computing Scale Overview

Master Scale CM 101
Operator's view of the CM-101 scale
In this example, you type in the tomato cost is $0.50/lb. The 3 tomatoes on the scale actually weigh 0.72 lb. The scale computes the price per pound for you! So, you charge your customer $0.36 for this transaction.
Capacity x Readability................. 30 x 0.01 lb
Units ........................................  Pounds only
PLU (Price Look Up) ................... None
Display ...................................... Backlit LCD on front & back
Power ........................................ 110VAC / Rechargeable Battery

CM-101 Digital Price Computing Scale ( Tomatoes not included! )
LOW Cost economy price computing
Customer's view of the CM-101 scale
In this example, the operator types in tomato cost is $0.50/lb. The 3 tomatoes on the scale actually weigh 0.72 lb. The scale computes the price per pound for you! So you charge your customer $0.36 for this transaction.

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Product & Supplier Have Been... Nov 15, 2013 MANAGEMENT US
  We wanted to mention that this item is now a Penn Scale CM-101 scale supplied & supported by an entirely different company than previously. The product... more...
Broken Feb 27, 2010 Greg Wappingers Falls NY US
  Used for 3 weeks, broken already. more...
Decent scale Jan 12, 2010 Anonymous Harrisonburg VA US
  I bought this to replace my old Mettler. To be honest it is ok but you can tell it isn't nearly as good as the old reliable scale I used to have that... more...


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