Yamato PPC-300WP Washdown Portion Control Scale 44 lb

Yamato PPC-300WP Washdown Portion Control Scale 44 lb

$495.00 Reg. Price $515.00   You Save $20.00
Yamato PPC-300WP features complete Stainless Steel Construction, Over/Under Indicator, Large Removable Stainless Steel Platform. The scale has a Large LCD Display. Battery or AC Operation. Adjustable Auto Shut-off. Multiple Weighing Units. IP68 rating. Capacity 44 x 0.02 lb.
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The Yamato PPC-300WP is a stainless steel counter top scale ideal for food prep areas that are looking for accurate weights without spending a lot of money. The PPC-300WP does have a couple of limitations. PPC-300WP’s are manufactured as IP68 rated. If the scale chasis is opened, they can be closed on-site & achieve a lesser IP65 rating or they can be returned to Yamato for re-sealing to ensure continued IP68 protection.

Only Yamato authorized technicians using Yamato approved equipment can assure the integrity of the IP68 protective seal after it has been opened; opening of this unit by anyone else will void the IP68 warranty against internal water damage. Also, please note that combined units, such as pound-ounce, are not legal for trade.


Yamato PPC-300WP Wash Down Scale Features

• Waterproof - IP68 (IP65 under certain conditions)  
• Complete Stainless Steel Construction
• Over/Under Indicator
• Large Removable Stainless Steel 9" x 7 5/8" Platform
• Checkweighing, grading, fixed: unit toggle, function toggle
• Large LCD Display
• 6 VDC - 4 "D" batteries or optional AC adapter
• Adjustable Auto Shut-off
• Initial, Automatic and Semi-automatic Zero Setting Mechanisms
• Multiple Weigh Units


MODEL ......................................... CAPACITY X READABILITY
PPC-300WP-44        44 lb x 0.02 lb / 20 kg x 0.01 kg / 704 oz x 0.5 oz / 44 lb x 0.5 oz

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