GSE Model 675 Parts Counting Scale 100 lb.

GSE 675 Industrial Parts Counting Scale 100 lb

The GSE 675 High Precision Parts Counting scale features heavy duty aluminum die cast housing with integrated carrying handles, programmable macro language and RS232 communications and comes standard with max capacity of 100 pounds.
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The GSE 675 Counting Scale with large 100 pound maximum capacity was created to satisfy the requirement for a heavy-duty portable precision counting scale. The sturdy aluminum die cast housing on item number 210675-00100 features built-in carrying handles and a power cord wrap. ACCURATE small parts counting is assured with advanced digital Finite Impulse Response filtering (FIR), high resolution electronics and a center indentation that places parts in center of the loading surface to prevent rolling parts. RELIABLE is the best word to describe the exceptional physical features.

The Model 675 fits well into demanding mid-level counting applications or sophisticated, factory-wide inventory management systems. With all of the available option modules, on-board configuration selections, a 1/1,000,000d internal counting resolution and 25 years of experience in refining our counting algorithms, counting accuracy is ensured from electronic parts to expensive machined parts.


• Heavy duty aluminum die cast housing with built in carrying handles
• High impact lens deflects dropped parts
• One million cycle polymeric keypad
• Sur-Grip gear style leveling feet
• 2 year limited mfg. warranty

• APW enhance Mode improves accuracy while you count and eliminates the need to count large samples for an accurate APW (average piece weight).

• Alphanumeric keypad allows manual entry of product numbers and descriptions. Product information can also be transmitted to the Model 675 via bar code scanners, card readers and computers.

• The standard 250 item memory stores and recalls Product #, Description, APW, and Lot #. Memory can be easily reconfigured with up to 98 columns of associated Product # information.

• Database Modules can expand memory storage capabilities to include thousands of products. The actual number of products is directly related to the scope of information that will be stored with each Product #; for example, Time and Date of Transaction, Bin#, Employee#, Job#, and etc. can be stored per your application requirements.

• Convenient carrying handles facilitate mobility during battery operation.

• Local scale capacities range from 6 lb to 100 lb. Connect a range of remote platforms (500 g up to 100,000 lb) to the standard remote scale input. Two
additional remote platforms can be connected for a total of 4 scales.

• Accuracy settings from 90% to 99.96% are available to ensure products are counted within acceptable tolerances.

• LCD Graphic Display provides detailed operator prompts. Prompts and operation can be modified to adapt to your application requirements.

• Easily integrates with UPS Worldship® for streamlining shipping, receiving, importing, and exporting processes.

Carrying HandlesGSE Counting Scales are easy to transport with the built in handles on the side and power cord wrap
Part Number
Platform Size
100 x .005 lb
12” x 12”
Local Weighing Surface with 2nd Scale Input Std.
Other Models Available
6 x .0002 lb
15 x .0005 lb
30 x .001 lb
60 x .002 lb

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