Salter Brecknell SBI-505 Digital Weight Indicator

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The Salter Brecknell SBI-505 is a general purpose digital indicator with painted mild steel enclosure and stainless steel desk stand. It comes with a large red LED screen for easy read out of up to 30,000 display divisions and supplies enough current for up to six 350 ohm load cells. All setup parameters may be entered via the front panel keys.


SBI-505 Features

Display Resolution up to 30,000 divisions
Internal ADC 2,000,000
Load Cell Capability 6 @ 350 ohm
Construction Painted mild steel with stainless steel desk stand
Finish Powder coat paint
Time and Date Standard (military format)
RS-232 Standard DB9 connection
Rated IP65
Function Checkweighing, count, weight, total and print
Annunciators: -0-, motion, Gross, Net, tared, Total, pcs, lb, kg, Lo, OK, Hi
Interface Cable Connectors Included
Operating Temp: -10° C to 40° C (14° F to 104° F)
Power: 120/220VAC 60Hz/50Hz
Calibration: Front panel accessible
Accuracy: NTEP at 5,000 divisions, Class lll
Certifications: NTEP CC #11-082

salter brecknell sbi-505
Part Number
NTEP, CoC #11-082

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