Transcell SBSB-1K SS Load Cell 1000 lb.

Transcell SBSB-1K SS Load Cell 1000 lb.

These Transcell SBSB-1K Stainless Steel load cells with 1000 pound capacity feature 3 mv/v output and 20' cable. non ntep.
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Single Ended Shear Beam Load Cell
Stainless Steel
Easy to Install, Stable & Reliable
Suitable for Floor Scales, Blending &
Mixing Systems, Belt Scales and packaging systems
Rated up to IP68
Hermetically Sealed

SBSB Series - Stainless Steel Load Cells Available
SBSB-1K (1000 lb)
SBSB-2.5K (2500 lb)
SBSB-4K (4000 lb)
SBSB-5K/SE (5000 lb)

SBSB stainless steel load cells

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