WB-40-10K Weigh Bars 40" Digital Readout 10,000 lb.

$679.00 WB-40-10K
More Details - WB-40-10K Weigh Bars 40" Digital Readout 10,000 lb.


WB-40-10K is an entry level, economy 40" long 10,000 lb capacity weigh bar scale. System includes basic digital weighing indicator with new 40" L x 4" W weigh bars to bring an affordable solution to budget-minded consumers. This scale uses NTEP load cells and digital indicator has a rechargeable battery, and has basic animal weighing capability. This is a great scale for small 4H clubs, FFA organizations, etc, with goats, sheep, pigs, yearlings and small cattle. It is also good for most warehousing applications. The bars themselves are a little unstable with no weight applied. A big part of this is due to the load cell feet which are by design very flexible allowing for self alignment. In our opinion, you would be best served to screw the adjustable feet in quite a bit and place some kind of heavier item across the beams to help stabilize the overall system. An example might be placing a fifty pound wooden pallet across the beams or a 3/4 inch piece of heavy plywood. After you do this you can zero out the weight. In some rare case this might require you to do a calibration but the instructions are in the user manual if that happens.


Designed to Weigh Animals Easily
Auto Zero
Hold Function
RS-232 Output

Runs on AC and DC
AC Adapter Included
Rechargeable Battery Included


10K weigh bar scales


Standard Features of the WB-40-10K

Premium NTEP Load Cells
Heavy Duty C-Channel Construction
Carrying Handles for Easier Portability
Power source standard AC power or built in rechargeable battery with charger



We've offered weigh beam sets in the past. Now we're expanding our offerings to bring you a wider selection to choose from to better fit your application. Our new WB-40-10K weighbeams are built with heavy wall C-Channel and include a handle and roller wheel to make them easy to move. They come calibrated with digital weight indicator which has AC and battery power.

Weigh beams include integrated cable channels and steel-wrapped cables so rodent damage will be a thing of the past! These weigh beams are priced right and built to last.


WB-40-10K Specifications
Capacity 10,000 x 2 lb
Dimension 40" L x 4" W
Power 110VAC / Built in Rechargeable Battery

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