Suitable Scales for Medical Cannabis

We often get questions from prospective customers regarding which scale is suitable for selling cannabis to consumers… Or maybe it’s not so much the selling part…  It could be the cultivation process that customers are curious about. Regardless, customers are curious and often uncertain about what rules they need to follow when purchasing digital scales… Read More »

COVID 19 Update

We have been monitoring the corona virus carefully, and prior to the increase in cases, we began taking precautions, such as increased use of hand sanitizer, limiting physical contact (ie handshaking), etc… We take our role online very seriously and try to make every effort to ensure our customers are taken care of as promptly… Read More »

Orders are Shipping Each Day in Most Cases

Just a quick note to customers and potential customers. We are processing and shipping orders every day. However, we just got a note from a supplier this afternoon stating that they are in a shelter in place situation. This will obviously delay order fulfillment on certain products.   At the moment, this is a single supplier… Read More »

“Best” Livestock Scales for Your Farm

When it comes to livestock scales, there can be a wide range of scales that fall into this category. So, you as the buyer, need to do some research and determine exactly what type of “livestock scale” it is that you truly wish to purchase for your farm and/or business. We’ve touched on similar topics… Read More »

Double Check Your Ship To Address

Hi there, this entry is a simple reminder to all of you to please double check your ship to address when placing an order with us (or any other website). The reason we are telling you this is due to the fees we are seeing from the shipping carriers, especially UPS and Fed Ex. In… Read More »