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Best Scales for Washdown Areas

Digital scales are an essential tool for food processing, as they allow for precise measurement of ingredients and ensure consistent quality in the final product. Many of these are also considered scales for washdown areas since they are designed to weigh items and then be cleaned. A couple of important aspects to consider when selecting… Read More »

What are 5 Advantages to using a Legal for Trade Scale over a non-ntep scale?

Trade scales are pretty standard these days. Most consumers expect to see a legal for trade NTEP scale anytime they buy something based on weight. Unfortunately, there are also non-ntep scales available for under $100 that allow sellers to take shortcuts and utilize a scale that could probably not even pass the NTEP certification process.… Read More »

Suitable Scales for Medical Cannabis

We often get questions from prospective customers regarding which scale is suitable for selling cannabis to consumers… Or maybe it’s not so much the selling part…  It could be the cultivation process that customers are curious about. Regardless, customers are curious and often uncertain about what rules they need to follow when purchasing digital scales… Read More »