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Brecknell Discontinues SBI-505 and DSB lineup

This is no joke. Brecknell has discontinued the popular SBI-505 digital weight indicator.  Previously they had discontinued the 3800LP series bench scales which included a battery powered version of the SBI-505.  Also, they discontinued the versatile DSB series of affordable floor scales.  We have alternatives and other similar products that we highly recommend, so we’re… Read More »

Best 500 lb Industrial Scale

Customers often ask us our opinion about certain ranges of scales and weighing equipment. Today’s topic is the best 500 lb industrial scale.  You may be wondering, what makes something an “industrial” scale versus just a regular scale?  That’s a good question. There technically is no distinct answer to this… however, we would argue that… Read More »

Reliable Legal for Trade Price Computing Scales For the Market

You know we’ve been providing customers with legal for trade price computing scales for the market for many years and the fact is that many of our customers tell us all the time that they don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles. They just need a dependable and affordable retail scale that’s legal for… Read More »