What are 5 Advantages to using a Legal for Trade Scale over a non-ntep scale?

Trade scales are pretty standard these days. Most consumers expect to see a legal for trade NTEP scale anytime they buy something based on weight. Unfortunately, there are also non-ntep scales available for under $100 that allow sellers to take shortcuts and utilize a scale that could probably not even pass the NTEP certification process.… Read More »

How To Read a Medical Scale

One of the questions that folks ask from time to time is how to read a medical scale?  Now we are guessing that they are referring to the old mechanical physicians office scales that everybody used to use back in the day.  Remember those?  They had no digital display.  They had a beam that ran… Read More »

What type of Accurate Scales are used at a Hospital?

There are several different types of medical scales that are used at hospitals on a daily basis, and each of them serves a specific purpose. Some of the most common types of scales used in hospitals include: bed scales, chair scales, handrail scales, physician scales, wheelchair scales, and baby scales. Choices for Weighing Patients in… Read More »

Best Digital Reloading Scale 2023

If you own a gun and you use it fairly often, then you know purchasing new rounds of ammunition is not something that you typically look forward to.  That’s one of the reasons that quite a few folks look into “recycling” their ammunition with some powder and spent casings. If you use enough bullets, this… Read More »

Best Scale for Uneven Floor

You might be wondering what is the best scale for an uneven floor?  That is a really good question that is often overlooked. Depending on what type of scale you’re interested in, there are some scales better suited for an uneven floor than others. Often, many of the lower cost scales on the market do… Read More »

Pallet Scale Buying Advice

Pallet scales can be found in almost any industrial setting. Factories, shipping & receiving, & storage facilities, use these scales to weigh pallets. Today, we’ll take a stroll through the features and options you may need to consider as you ask yourself, where can I get accurate pallet scale buying advice? What is a pallet… Read More »

Build Your Own Race Car Scales? Well… Maybe?

Continuing with our latest trend of reviewing and analyzing these DIY scale kit videos, today we tackle the Build Your Own Wheel Weigher Scale conundrum.  Now technically we don’t really offer a scale kit that is specifically designed to build your race car scale or wheel weigher kit. However, you can modify and design your… Read More »

What’s the Best Place to Buy Calibration Weights?

No matter what you’re weighing, scales require regular calibration to ensure accurate measurements. Calibration weights measure the accuracy and dependability of weighing instruments and help you recalibrate the scale to ensure correct measurements. This article will discuss the best place to buy calibration weights (or cal weights). How to Calibrate a Scale with Calibration Weights… Read More »