Browsing the Web for Professional Grade Steel Floor Scale – Heavy-Duty Pallet Scale with Indicator for Warehouse Shipping and Heavy Duty Industrial Weighing

Every now and then I like to browse a few websites and see what other scales are out there on the market. We used to call that surfing the web back in the day. Anyway, I stumbled onto Amazon looking for some pallet scales. It was interesting to see some of the offerings and price… Read More »

How do I Know if My Scale is Accurate?

Every so often customers or potential customers will contact us and ask the question how do I know if my scale is accurate?  The answer to this question can be several choices.  For example, if you happen to have a certified test weight nearby… That can make answering the question very easy!  However, most folks… Read More »

Jewelry Scales: All Your Questions Answered

In today’s entry we will compile a list of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding jewelry weighing scales aka… gold scales.   What Scales do Jewelers Use? Almost all reputable jewelry scales will be NTEP certified weighing scales that are tested by NCWM and have earned a certificate of conformance which is ideal for the… Read More »

Build Your Own Platform Scale Kit Review & Thoughts

Continuing a series that we started the last couple of years, we’re going to take a look at a DIY video and offer our opinion and thoughts on a Do it Yourselfer’s attempt at building a 5 x 5 platform scale.  So, let’s get started.  The overall video is nicely done and the final product… Read More »

Can You Weigh a Baby on a Regular Scale?

In today’s entry we answer some of your top questions about baby scales and pediatrician office weighing equipment. So let’s go ahead and get started. Can You Weigh a Baby on a Regular Scale? If you’re a hospital or pediatric doctor’s office, you will obviously want to have a true baby scale in place. These… Read More »

Can I use a Food Scale for Shipping?

Today’s entry focuses on the question can I use a food scale for shipping?  The quick answer is yes as long as the scale is accurate.  And, we only recommend you do this in low volume situations. In other words, if you’re shipping a box to a ebay customer or perhaps shipping a return back… Read More »