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Browsing the Web for Professional Grade Steel Floor Scale – Heavy-Duty Pallet Scale with Indicator for Warehouse Shipping and Heavy Duty Industrial Weighing

Every now and then I like to browse a few websites and see what other scales are out there on the market. We used to call that surfing the web back in the day. Anyway, I stumbled onto Amazon looking for some pallet scales. It was interesting to see some of the offerings and price… Read More »

Can I use a Food Scale for Shipping?

Today’s entry focuses on the question can I use a food scale for shipping?  The quick answer is yes as long as the scale is accurate.  And, we only recommend you do this in low volume situations. In other words, if you’re shipping a box to a ebay customer or perhaps shipping a return back… Read More »

Scales with a Printout Label

There are several options available when searching for scales with a printout label. The most obvious choices are the retail deli style scales like the CAS LP1000 for example. Advantages of Placing a Weight Label on a Box Printing out a label for a box that has just been weighed on a scale can provide… Read More »

Pallet Scale Buying Advice

Pallet scales can be found in almost any industrial setting. Factories, shipping & receiving, & storage facilities, use these scales to weigh pallets. Today, we’ll take a stroll through the features and options you may need to consider as you ask yourself, where can I get accurate pallet scale buying advice? What is a pallet… Read More »

Best 500 lb Industrial Scale

Customers often ask us our opinion about certain ranges of scales and weighing equipment. Today’s topic is the best 500 lb industrial scale.  You may be wondering, what makes something an “industrial” scale versus just a regular scale?  That’s a good question. There technically is no distinct answer to this… however, we would argue that… Read More »