Compression Canister Load Cells

Compression Canister Load Cells for your Scales are here. Popular items include Cardinal SCA Cells or Revere 792.

Click the items below for complete product information and capacities available.

  • Revere Transducers CSP-B10-200K-30P5200,000 lb Capacity compression canister SS Load cell welded seal IP68 NTEP
  • Cardinal SCA-50K compression load cell
    Cardinal Compression Load Cell SCA-50KThe 50K-SCA heavy capacity series of compression load cells are ideal for multiple load cell compression applications such as motor truck scales, railroad track scales and heavy duty tank weighing systems. Capacity: 50,000 lbs.
  • revere cp 500k load cell
    Revere Load Cell CP-D3-500K-30P5 500,000 lbRevere Transducers Load Cell, compression canister CP-D3-500K-30P5 with 500,000 lb capacity 30 ft cable 1.75mV/V 480 OHM FM SST IP68
  • 50,000 pound Revere Transducers 792-B10-50K-35P5 Load Cell
    Revere 792 Compression Canister 50KRevere 792-B10-50K-35P5 Compression canister stainless steel load cell features 50,000 pound capacity. IP68 NTEP Approved. Complete with 35 ft of load cell cable.
  • Brecknell BM24R-C3-3.5T Load Cell3.5T S.S Spoke Type load cell
  • USED Canister Load Cell 50,000 lb.We have a limited supply of used 50,000 lb capacity canister load cells in working condition. Actual models are Cardinal CP1, Revere Transducers CP or similar. Constructed of painted steel. Output: 1.75 mV / V Bridge Resistance: 480 ohms and Capacity: 50,000 lbs
  • rice-lake-rl90000-compression-disk
    Rice Lake RL90000 Compression Disk 100KThe Rice Lake RL90000 is an environmentally sealed, low-profile compression disk. Its shear web design provides excellent performance and low-profile features make it ideal for applications where height is critical. Capacity: 100,000 lb / 45,359.4 kg. Complete with 20 ft/6.1 m cable.
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