Health-O-Meter 522KL Pediatric Digital Scale with Tray

Health-O-Meter 522KL Pediatric Digital Scale with Tray

The HealthOMeter 522KL digital pediatric scale with tray features 50 pound capacity. Battery power. Optional 120V AC adapter available
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The Health-O-Meter 522KL Digital Pediatric Scale with tray is a new value in Professional Digital Scales. Digital pediatric scales provide precision accuracy and ensure child safety. Durable steel bases and easy-to-clean tray guarantee longlasting reliability.

Features include:
Hold/Release, Zero/Tare, KG/LB, Clear, Enter Functions
Strong Aluminum Pillar
Sanitary tray with built-in measuring tape provides safety, reads up to 23" x 1/4" or 58 cm x 1 cm. (522KL).
Tray made from easy-to-clean ABS plastic
Made from easy-to-clean ABS plastic
AC Adapter optional (ADPT31)
2 Year Limited Mfg. Warranty
Capacity: 0-20 lb x 0.2 oz / 20-50 lb x 0.5 oz

Health-O-Meter 522KL Digital Baby Scale

Brochure (pdf file)

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