Parts Counting Scales

Great for Accurate Quarterly Inventory Counts

Counting scales with easy to read digital displays are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate inventory management, warehouses, & parts with small unit weights. Improve your bottom line and make your counting more efficient with our easy to use piece counting scales from 1800scales.com. A digital counting scale will weigh the items you place on the platform and divide the weight by the number of pieces you entered, to compute the average piece weight. Our scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate inventory management, warehouses, & for counting parts with small unit weights. Many of our customers are repeat customers who buy scales from us because it is easy, the products are great, and the prices are fantastic.  Not sure which counting scale to purchase?  Be sure you look at our informative parts counting buyers guide -- Counting Scales 101

Also, be sure to watch this VERY informative counting scale how-to video on the very popular HCi counting scale below.


Accuracy & Instructions

The items you are counting must be uniform in weight. No counting scale will ever function with any high degree of accuracy if there is a significant variation in the weight of the items. The larger the initial sample (30 pieces versus 5 pieces) the better results the counting scale can provide since it averages out any variations in the piece weights for accuracy.

Also, please don't buy a parts counter with too large of a maximum capacity. A large portion of customers buy a counting scale with more maximum capacity than they typically will be needing. The reason is usually along the lines of needing to weigh small items and a few larger items. If the majority of the time you're counting no more than ten pounds of parts at a time, then a 10 lb. capacity counting scale is a great choice for you. If you need larger capacity options, you can choose buy a couple of different capacities, or buy a scale with accumulation function, or buy a model with remote scale capability like the Worldweigh. You are also welcome to contact us with your scenario and we can tell you what are the best counting scales and provide reviews and recommendations.

Parts Counting Scale For Small Parts

Unlike a lot of the online scale websites that are simply box movers, we are a scale company. It's all that we do. Therefore, in most cases we can tell you what scale(s) would work best for your particular situation. In many cases you don't need a $1200 scale. And likewise we'll tell you the truth about whether a $100 cheap scale will work for you as well.

We can give you some reviews on our wide range of products we believe would work the best for your application and who are the best counting scale manufacturers in the market today. We specialize in providing professional quality digital systems from A&D, Brecknell, Pennsylvania, Digi, Ohaus, Worldweigh, and Rice Lake. Many of our industrial counting scales are battery powered and include a stainless steel platform. Almost always in stock and always at great prices.

Affordable Counting Scales

Adam Equipment weighing equipment offers many options for sizes, capacities, readabilities and more. These price conscious digital scales are designed to count, check count and totalize. The scales can count small and large parts quickly and accurately, saving time in manufacturing applications and reducing waste when filling or packaging.

Never Count Parts By Hand Again!

Our selection of counting scales are available with a single display, or with three displays to simultaneously show unit weight, count and total weight. We also offer dual channel scales which allow you the ability to connect a second auxiliary platform when counting large quantities. It's also important to think about other things like RS-232 or USB interfaces to connect your scale to computers or printers.

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