Prime Scales PS-30PZS 30lb/0.1oz Pizza Scale with Foot Pedal

Prime Scales PS-30PZS 30lb/0.1oz Pizza Scale with Foot Pedal

Ever wonder why some pizzas are perfect one time, but not the next? You can use the same ingredients and the same care, but the results are sometimes different. The real difference between one pizza and another may not be the ingredients or your employees who make the pizzas. The real difference may come down to portion control. 30 lb x 0.1 oz. Ground shipping included continental US.
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The PS-30PZS pizza scale is a must-have for most pizza professionals. It can help you to control the weight of crust and toppings perfectly. It comes with a foot tare pedal so you can tare off the scale before placing each topping – without touching a single button! Great for Food Scales, Portion Control Scales, Wipe down Scales. Ground shipping included for cont'l US customers


Prime Scales PS-30PZS Specifications

Capacity: 30 lbs (480 ozs)
Increment: 0.1 oz
Professional design and easy to use
Scale base water and dust resistant IP67
Stainless steel housing with steel base
Removable weighing pan for quick and easy cleaning
oz/lb/kg selectable
Touchless Tare feature
Bright LCD display
Indicator is detachable and wall-mountable
Built-in rechargeable battery
AC/DC adapter included
RS-232 port connecting printer or PC

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