Bench Scale with Printer 150 lb

Bench Scale with Printer 150 lb

Industrial bench scale weighing system features TI-500E indicator, 12x14 150 LB Capacity scale platform and MP-20 printer that prints Gross - Tare - Net weights. Adjustable leveling feet. 150 x 0.05 lb
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Frequently customers will ask us for a bench scale that includes a printer. Below is the system that meets that request and budget requirements. The TI500E is a popular and easy to use weight indicator. The scale platform is industrial style with 12" x 14" dimensions and feature a 150 pound capacity. The MP-20 printer is setup to work with the TI-500E weight indicator. It prints Gross, Tare, & Net Weight. This can be done on either labels or receipt paper. The system that we offer is:

TI500Ebench scalemp20 printer

(1) TI500E Weight Indicator
(1) 12 x 14 150 lb Capacity Scale
(1) MP-20 Receipt Printer
(1) Factory Calibration / Print G T N

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