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MCT Entry Level Counting Scale 33 lb

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MCT is a very basic electronic counting scale constructed of plastic. Capacity/Resolution: 33 lb x 0.001lb. Display is 0.8" LCD w/ backlight. 7.5" x 10" Platter. 110V AC Adapter and rechargeable battery included. Ground Shipping included for cont'l US
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The Tree Mid Level Counting Scale (MCT) with check weighing function is a good choice if you're looking to learn more about how counting scales can help your business or perhaps you're looking to supplement your existing high capacity industrial counting scale with this low capacity, high accuracy parts counter. But make no mistake, this is an entry level, very basic level, electronic counting scale. In other words we have better scales. But, with that being said, there are instances where this MCT-33 scale can be a really good choice for certain situations and let's face it at this price it's a great value for sure.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why are we saying this is just a basic scale and there are definitely better counting scale models available? Well, here's a few reasons. First, this scale is mostly plastic. Now there are many scales out there that are also plastic but we always get a little nervous when you put a mostly plastic scale out in an industrial setting. Second, the scale only has a few keys and no full (numeric) keypad.

Once again, there are other scales that only have four or five keys. But, when you're counting sometimes it's handy to have a numeric keypad so you can enter specific numbers. For example, perhaps you need to sample seven items instead of the standard ten pieces. Of course there are some employers that actually prefer a simple 4 button keypad since it makes counting a little more simple.

Now there are certainly applications where you don't need any of the things mentioned above. We just like to present the entire picture to you and allow you to make the decision. Especially when we're talking about an item that is so inexpensive like the MCT 33. Bottom line, this is a nice scale if you are looking to not spend much money, need accurate counts, and don't expect the scale to last for years.


Ground Shipping included for continental US customers


- Capacity/Resolution: 33 lb x 0.001lb
- 0.8" LCD w/ backlight
- 32,000-35,000 divisions/ 2m internal resolution
- AD update speed: 7.5HZ
- 7.5" x 10" Platter
- ANYCAL Calibration software
- AC Adapter and rechargeable battery included
- Units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz


Pieces counting Instructions for MCT
- Press ON/OFF (icon) to turn on the scale
- Wait for "0" to appear on the display.
- If necessary, press ZERO key to set the display to “0”
- Press PCS key to enter PCS mode, the display will show P=X X
- Press MODE key to select XX value (10, 20, 50, and 100)
- Place a given number of samples on the pan (Samples should be 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces).
- Press PCS key to confirm sample quantity.
- Start counting by adding weight on the scale
- Press MODE key to return to the weighing mode.

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