Rice Lake Load Ranger NTEP Law Enforcement Wheel Scale

Rice Lake Load Ranger NTEP Law Enforcement Wheel Scale

Scale, Load Ranger-RF-WD 22,000 lbs, W-Series, RF, UL approved battery charger, US&EU plugs, NTEP Approved.
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Load Ranger wheel weigh pads are vehicle weighing scales ideal for mobile and temporary applications. Load Ranger wireless wheel pads offer an adaptable solution for vehicle weighing. With unmatched accuracy, Load Ranger wireless wheel pads capture wheel or axle weights, either individually or in sets.

The built-in weight indicator is equipped with industrial Bluetooth® and 2.4 GHz wireless communication. For easy, onsite positioning, these wheel weigh pads have integrated wheels and handles for ease of use in restricted spaces. Load Ranger can be completely wireless with six individual weigh pads with integrated weight displays and an optional remote weight indicator. Load Ranger is adaptable for many applications and provides quick axle and weight readouts.

Most customers purchase (2) of these scales for law enforcement use. These portable law enforcement axle scales are reliable and accurate NTEP approved scales. NTEP CoC 20-003P Class IIII


Load Ranger RF-WD

PART # ............. DIMENSIONS ................. APPROVAL ................ CAPACITY ..........
202100      2 ft 6 in x 1 ft 10 in x 2.28 in        (NTEP Class IIII)              22,000 x 20 lb



182099  Indicator, Load Ranger-RF w/AF08, includes RFITR-1 installed BLTH-1 installed, Touch Screen
181882  Aluminum Ramp for Load Ranger WD Models (single ramp only)
182053  Printer paper roll, 57 mm x 30 m, 12 mm core 51 mm OD

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