CAS DEP-50 Receipt Printer

CAS DEP-50 Receipt Printer

DEP-50 Receipt Printer with RS 232 cable for connection to ED, EB Series scales and more. Prints on Paper Rolls which are also available.
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It's only natural to want to print our your weight readings. Now you can do that with certain CAS Scales. Print receipts with the CAS DEP-50 Receipt Printer. This item prints on standard thermal paper rolls. To the best of our knowledge this receipt printer is compatible with the CAS BW Series, PB Series, DL Series, EB Series, and ED Series. If you're interested in purchasing this to connect to your CAS scale we suggest that you first contact CAS at www.cas-usa.com to see if the DEP-50 will work for your particular scale that you're interested in. Technology is unbelievable these days but sometimes the printer manufacturers and the scale manufacturers aren't on the same page and when items get updated the communications capabilities are occasionally wrong. We try to keep up with it but the manufacturer CAS has a lot more insight on which of their items will work with this printer.

Once you're certain the printer will work for your scale, the DEP-50 features line thermal dot printing with a printing width of 48 mm (384 dots/line). Dot Density 8 dots/mm (width, length). Printing Speed on the CAS DEP50 printer is approximately 11 lines per second at maximum. The communication used is known as serial (RS-232C). The printer operates on standard AC power.

cas scale dep-50 receipt printer

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