Transcell MP-20 Thermal Printer

Transcell MP-20 Thermal Printer

Save space on your desktop with this MP20 direct thermal printer from Transcell. Print labels and receipts. RS-232 interface, works great with Transcell TI-500E and Salter 200E indicators.
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Save space on your desktop with this Transcell MP-20 direct thermal printer. Print labels and receipts. RS-232 interface works great with Transcell TI-500 indicator and Salter 200E indicators. Includes power cord and interface cable to connect to TI500E.

The MP-20 is a lightweight, compact, and high-speed direct thermal printer. It does not require ink or toner for printing, and is suitable for a wide range of applications including labels and receipt printing.


Transcell MP-20 Printer Features

Thermal dot line printing
Fast – Prints 20 mm per second
Thermal Tape and Label Printer
Compact– Footprint is less than 5" x 7"
Light weight– weighs less than 1 pound



PART # ............ MODEL ............... DESCRIPTION
104940010         MP20                   MP-20 Thermal Printer





Thermal Paper
P391200078    2" (10 Pack)

Thermal Labels
P391200079   2"x2" (10 pack)
391200081     2"x4" (10 pack)




380970016     RS-232 Cable
P250115216   9V, 2.5 mA Adapter


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