Befour PS-6600 ST Portable Scale 500 x 0.1 lbs

Befour PS-6600 ST Portable Scale 500 x 0.1 lbs

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With itís remote indicator the PS-6600 ST portable scale is perfect for on the go weighing. The nationís top-selling sports scale for the past decade. The "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in youth sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. Platform: 16" x 18" and Capacity of 500 x 0.1 lbs.
PS-6600 ST
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The bright LED digits are easy to read even in low light areas and the extended life batteries now offer 1000+ readings in pounds or kilograms on a single charge. One of the nation’s top-selling athletics scale within the past ten years. The “Take-A-Weigh” well known in youth sports that demand highly accurate weight measurements while on the road. Likewise suitable for use at home, sports training, and even losing weight. Simply put, the PS6600ST has become the best scale for wrestling teams. 

The very best simply keeps getting better. New “Super Tuff” ST platform features one-piece cast aluminum design which is lighter weight, tougher and even more resilient with safe rounded edges and a recessed, non-skid rubberized mat. New “Plug & Weigh” cable system links the platform to the console using a regular USB cable. In the event the cable ever be ruined, replacement normally requires merely a few minutes and can easily be performed by the scale end user.

The PS-6600 ST scale is operates on either its internal re-chargeable battery or via a wall outlet with its AC adaptor. The impressive rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries are environmentally-friendly and supply a long life with additional weighings per charge. This scale may be taken anyplace and accurately weigh everything from 0 to 500 pounds. to within ± 0.1 lb. Practical, repeatable, precise, and durable, the Befour PS-6600 ST is almost everything a transportable scale ought to be.

Calibration is hardly ever a concern; the PS-6600 ST is renowned for retaining calibration even throughout the heaviest use. Suitable for team sports, family home health care, athletic training, and weight management, the PS-6600 ST is simple to move, store, and operate. Undoubtedly this really is one tough easily transportable weighing machine.


PS-6600 ST Portable Digital Scales

• Top-selling wrestling weigh-in scale in the nation
• Powered by rechargeable batteries or AC
• Large 16" x 18" platform

• Pin point accuracy of ± 0.1 lbs
• Powered by extended life rechargeable battery or 120V AC adapter
• Quick insert/detach connections
• Push-button calibration with any sure weight over 100 lbs. No tools needed
• Reinforced USB-grade molded cables
• Quadruple strain gauge technology
• Durable, lightweight air-craft grade aluminum construction
• Industry-best 3 year limited manufacturer warranty


PS-6600 ST Specifications
500 lbs. (225 kg.)
± 0.1 lb. (± 0.1 kg.)
Platform Size
16" x 18" x 1.75"
System Weight
16 lbs.
Readout Display
0.75" LED
Power Source
Rechargeable battery and/or 120V AC
Turn-Off Condition
4 minutes of no use
BMI Calculation
Limited 3 year manufacturer



Optional carry cases available
hard shell carry case for scale


HC-1824 Hard Shell Case

• Heavy duty hard-shell carry case for added protection
• Custon-cut Interior foam securely holds the PS-6600 ST scale in place
• Lock and keys included

sc-1816 case


• Padded nylon soft case
• Safely stores PS-6600 ST scale platform, readout console, and cables
• Great for storage, protection, and transport

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