Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Digital Indicator

Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Digital Indicator

As an economical choice in material handling and shipping and receiving applications, the Rice Lake 480 Legend series replaces the popular IQplus 355 and is a practical indicator for floor and bench scales. IP66 / NEMA 4X Stainless Steel enclosure, 110VAC power, NTEP.
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Fans of Rice Lake’s popular IQ plus 355 Digital Weight Indicator are hailing the 480 Legend Series as a welcome addition to the Rice Lake product offering. Replacing the IQ355, the 480 Legend Series offers scale users every bit of the durability, function and value that 355 users have come to appreciate, and more. The new 480 Legend Series delivers more programming flexibility for batching, incorporates a time and date function, and can also be used independently as a remote display—all features that were not previously available in this class of weight indicator. Like the IQ355, the economically priced 480 Legend Series fills a need for basic scale configuration and weight-based process control in a wide range of industries.

Standard Features
Large 0.8in LED Display
Time and Date, battery backed
NEMA 4X / IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
Password protection for user and configuration changes
Operator functions through menu key for Audit Trail, Preset Tare, Unit ID, Accumulator, Time & Date, Setpoints, Serial Communications, and Print Formats
Two independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20 mA
Programmable ticket formats for Gross, Net, Accumulator, and Setpoints
Local/Remote operation
Hardware or Audit Trail sealed
Filter settings for light, medium and heavy noise
Selectable Conversion Rate and Display Update Rate
Eight Setpoints, sequenced batch engine
Power for (10) 350-ohm load cells

126564 ........ 480-2A, 115–230 VAC

Options .... DESCRIPTION
131341 .... Analog Output

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