New Ohaus Scout Continues Tradition of Dependability Customers Rely On

By | July 12, 2016

The OHAUS Scout® series has been ahead of other balances in its class for nearly 20 years. Because of its proven performance for two decades, users have a high level of trust in the product as well as the OHAUS brand.

In keeping with the spirit of providing best-in-class price and performance, OHAUS recently enhanced the Scout series of portable balances. The new Ohaus Scout balances have been designed to offer the laboratory, industrial and education customers a balance that meets their specific market needs. The Scout STX and SPX models are ideal for industrial and laboratory applications. Featuring a large, resilient color touchscreen, the STX allows effortless operation through its informative icon-driven menu structure. The new SPX model offers a large, backlit, bright LCD display for better readability in poorly lit environments or from a distance. It also has four clearly marked buttons that guide users quickly and easily through setup, unit of measure changes, calibration and more.

Geared for classroom use, the Scout SKX features the same backlit LCD display as the SPX and includes education-specific software applications. Specific gravity software, a density kit, weigh-below hook and Mole weighing mode are uniquely designed for science lessons. The superior overload protection comprised of a high-strength stainless steel pan and impact-resistant plastic pan support helps to withstand demanding classroom environments.

ohaus scout balance

Each Scout model leverages current communications tools, such as Bluetooth®, Ethernet and USB host connections. With all these options, your customers can select the method they are most comfortable with for data logging, communication and remote functionality. These new design elements make the Scout family of balances an even greater value, especially considering their proven reliability. These attributes are key selling points in the industrial, laboratory and education applications, particularly in the current market in which already limited budgets have been further reduced.

Rugged construction allows customers to use the Scout series in a wide range of applications. Customers have come to trust that the Scout scales will perform at a high level with every use. From its superior overload protection (rated 10 times the balance’s capacity) and high-strength stainless steel pan to the impact-resistant pan support and integrated transportation/storage lock, Scout will be a reliable portable balance for years.

Each Scout model has been designed to provide easy, fast and intuitive operation. The STX’s color touchscreen display and icon-driven menu allow users to navigate in and out of application models, change weighing units with a simple press of the screen, and execute setup and calibration functions in no time. The SPX and SKX feature simplified four-button operation to remove complexity and enable ease of use.

Scout continues the tradition of OHAUS products — delivering the best value in its class. The new expanded communications options and superior overload protection are just two of the many selling points. Its stackable storage makes the series convenient, while its fast stabilization time of one second and improved resolution mean that customers enjoy extremely precise and repeatable results quickly for maximum productivity and efficiency. Additionally, draftshields are available on select models to protect samples from external variables such as wind to further increase measurement speed and repeat-ability.