Brecknell Discontinues SBI-505 and DSB lineup

This is no joke. Brecknell has discontinued the popular SBI-505 digital weight indicator.  Previously they had discontinued the 3800LP series bench scales which included a battery powered version of the SBI-505.  Also, they discontinued the versatile DSB series of affordable floor scales.  We have alternatives and other similar products that we highly recommend, so we’re… Read More »

Best Website for Purchasing Digital Weighing Scales Online!

It’s hard to believe sometimes, but we have been offering customers high quality scales and weighing equipment for over fifteen years! We’re so proud of that and we’ve worked hard to improve every year. Thanks for choosing us for your weighing needs. In today’s article, I wanted to discuss a few of the scales that… Read More »

What are the Best Brands of Load Cells?

We typically are asked about the top load cell brands or load cells that we recommend quite often. First, we don’t offer every single brand of load cell. There are several reasons for this. Some brands are exclusive and won’t sell to us.  Some brands are not that popular. Some brands are not very good,… Read More »

Price Increase for another Scale Manufacturer August 1st

Here’s another email from another scale manufacturer warning us about yet another price hike. Upcoming Price Increase NotificationLike most manufacturers around the world, we’re experiencing extreme price fluctuations right now for raw materials and components that are significant enough that we will have to increase our prices on August 1, 2021. This notification today will… Read More »