Scales for 4-Wheelers or ATV Weighing

By | December 28, 2023

So, recently a customer contacted us about scales for weighing 4wheelers or ATV’s.  We don’t have a lot of scales that are specifically designed for that but we can certainly use various scales to accomplish the task.

My original thought was a floor scale with ramps on each end. Of course that would cost a decent amount of money but it would be a great setup!  Alternatively, you could use a parcel shipping scale on each corner of the vehicle.  You could also use racing scales to place under each tire. You could even use a bathroom scale and weigh the entire 4 wheeler on one scale. We’ve covered the whole build your own scale thing before in case you’re interested.  

In doing my research on weighing 4-wheelers, I found this YouTube video which accurately describes the process.  Take a look.

A few thoughts after watching the video above. 

I thought the host did a good job describing all the different choices and documenting the testing procedures and results. I do wonder though, are all these scales tested and calibrated before he performs this test? 

As expected, the bathroom scale is the least accurate choice. It’s in the ballpark but most of the time bathroom scales are just not built with the most accurate “high quality” load cells available.  

The four shipping scales placed in each corner did fairly well. That makes sense because affordable shipping scales are generally built a little better than bathroom scales and should be a little more accurate and consistent.

platform scale

The best results in this test appeared to be the Intercomp racing scales that were tested. This comes as no surprise to me. This type of scale is simply a better “industrial quality” weighing product and should provide very accurate and consistent results, time after time. That’s why they cost more $ than a cheap bathroom scale or office supply shipping scale. The pro racing scales would be my top choice for weighing 4-wheelers OR I’d go with a 4×4 platform scale with ramps.  

Hope you enjoyed today’s entry. If you need a scale or assistance on what scale to purchase, be sure to contact our sales department today.