Safety Color Orange Yellow Floor Scale NTEP 4'x4' 10,000 lb

Safety Color Orange Yellow Floor Scale NTEP 4'x4' 10,000 lb

Floor Scale made in the USA. Painted in your choice of safety yellow or safety orange (please specify when you order). 4x4 Bases are constructed of 1/4" thick tread plate. Shear beam load cells are utilized in the bases with 1/2"-20 threaded scale feet. Includes the LP-7510 Indicator. NTEP legal for trade. 10,000 x 2 lb. Free freight shipping to lower 48 states. Dock-to-dock for commercially zoned businesses.
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You take a high quality Made in the USA NTEP Approved legal for trade 48" x 48" floor scale (10,000 x 2 lb capacity) and calibrate it to an easy to use digital weight indicator. Ship it to the customer and you are ready to weigh. It's affordable and easy to operate. It is the industrial floor scale package.

This floor scale system goes one step further however.

Often a 4'x4' floor scale can be hard to see inside a typical warehouse. Whether you're a fork lift driver or just a regular person walking across the warehouse floor, it can be very easy to either run over the edge of a scale platform or trip over an industrial floor scale that is painted in a basic color. It doesn't help that many popular floor scales are painted in light gray, black, or light blue colors. Those colors can often blend in with many common floor colors. 

So we now offer this high quality floor scale system painted in your choice of SAFETY ORANGE or SAFETY YELLOW. Just let us know which color you want when you place the order.

floor scale painted safety orange or yellow

This versatile 4x4 10,000 lb. capacity NTEP floor scale is ideal for the widest variety of applications. The structural steel design withstands years of heavy industrial use. Optional 4'x4' ramps are available.

The scale is calibrated to its digital indicator (10,000 x 2 lb.) at the factory and is ready to weigh when you receive it. The scale platform and digital readout are NTEP approved certified legal for trade. The basic keypad functions of the indicator are user friendly and a user manual is included.

All you have to do to set-up the scale, is to remove the scale from the shipping pallet and plug the quick disconnect from the scale into the digital indicator and plug the 110VAC power adapter in.

digital weight indicator

RUGGED - Durable NTEP approved platform design withstands heavy industrial use. Sum capacity of load cells is twice scale capacity. 100% mig welded Structural SAFETY ORANGE / YELLOW Painted Steel construction

ALL PURPOSE - Easy to install. Levels with lugs (no shimming). Easy to relocated.

HIGH QUALITY - Uses NTEP shear beam load cells. All structural bracing is structural steel channel iron.

NTEP Approved - Quality Legal for trade accuracy


Free freight packages are to business addresses only (Zoned Commercial) with a loading dock or fork-lift. All other charges are the buyers responsibility. (Liftgate, Residential, Construction, Military)


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